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The Rezdezvous MP (General Tips)

Discussion in 'Arena & Quests' started by XingHa, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    This would be easy with the correct way of doing things and doesn't really require a continue.
    For each enemy you kill (don't know if there is a cap), Miuna will buff those demon - getting more MATK and PDEF. So it is better if you kill the demons first before taking the others.
    It is indeed annoying to keep the other mobs alive while working your way to the demon. But knowing the general tips at least make things less of a headache.

    Notable Units to use:
    (1) Roxanne - excellent at this stage because of her subskill (Tezla and Null the MVP)
    (2) Laharl - 2x Laharl can OHKO those demon but positioning is quiet tricky due to the fact an enemy thief could block your way
    (3) Flamel - although Roxanne's utility skill are way better (not to mention she can make damage as well) than what Flamel can provide but his good agility/mobility and Roar are good substitute for lack of Roxanne

    General Tips:
    (1) Reach the demon as fast as you can but the way of reaching the demons is not moving directly towards them or you will be killed. The Laser from those demon are hurt and can kill any squishy unit with 1 hit each from them. So Laharl user should keep this in mind and move only within reach of your Overlord Dimension.
    (2) Other player will keep the mobs occupied. Move towards them but not towards the demon so you can get their attention. If you have 2x Laharl in team and no one distract the mobs (particularly the thief), they will block Laharl's pathway. For Roxanne user, always Tezla the 2 Thief during your first turn.
    (3) Once thief gets occupied (gets stunned or roar or charm), Roxanne's next aim is Null the demon. Maintain a proper forwarding distance not to be in reach of 2 Laser hits (if you are only reachable by 1 Laser meaning you are doing fine). For 2x Laharl, 2x charged Overlord Dimension will kill those Demon. For Roxanne, once Nulled, you may start killing the demon.
    (4) If a Roxanne is happen to be surrounded by many mobs or too many mobs hitting you, use Tezla to keep them in check or you could die from a lethal combo attack. No need to prio the Thief. As Roxanne, they serve as HP fodder. Take out the wolves or any Wind enemy. Post demon part is easy.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2019

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