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The Dancing Warrior - Zangetsu Rudra+

Discussion in 'Unit Discussion' started by ganmbit, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. ganmbit

    ganmbit Member

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    Zangetsu J+ (The Dancing Warrior)

    Warning: I put so many suggestions. But, please read it with assumption that not all moves are recieved and only some which are taken

    Minor Changes:
    1. Modifies his Basic ATK Scaling to 1.6*PATK and front/back defense rate -20%
    2. The unenchanted attacks will have their scaling upgraded to 1.6*PATK(For 1.4*PATK ones) and 1.8*PATK(for 1.6*PATK Ones)

    (Intially, I want this to be a Double Hit, but I would give it to Ramses)

    Added Passive:

    1. Limitless Bravery: Greatly Increase PATK(10-20%)/AGI(0.5-10%)/CRIT(10-20%)/DEX(10-20%) and Pierce Attack(10-30).

    (For element add, I will put it on Ramses instead)

    Changed Counter:

    1. HP Drain -> Warrior Defense Stance: Inflicts Pierce damage if recieving damage and absorbs the partial of them back as HP and takes up their jewel, increases PATK(+30%) for 3 turns. Also procs against skills.
    PATK Scaling: 0.85*PATK
    HP Absorb: 30% (Min) - 50%(Max)
    Jewel Absorb: 6(Min) - 20(Max)
    Range: Line(2)

    Added Moves:

    (Ancient Dragon)

    1. Creation and Destruction: Jump and inflicts 3- hit(High) Fire attack to enemy units in the area, with chance of critical(less than most critical chance based moves), & 100% Hit. Also inflicts Jewel Damage. Powerfully Strong against Human/monsters/giant and Very Strong against Wind, decreases enemy fire res for 3 turns.
    Cast Speed: 500
    Area: Square-Cross
    ATK Scaling: 2*PATK
    Multiplier: 140%(min), 180%(max)
    Jewel Damage: 30%
    Charges: 3/3
    Jewel Cost: 60

    (Note: Initially, I planned this to be a "After Moving 5x5", but I planned Ramses too.. So, I will give it to Ramses instead, since their initial rarity makes me want to do so)

    Changed Moves:

    1. Dragon Slayer -> Twin Flame Strike: 2 Hit(High) Fire Penetrating Pierce to enemy units in the area(Line(5)), reduces their PDEF/Fire Res, strong vs Wind
    Jewel Cost: 45
    Use: 3/3
    Multiplier: 140-160%
    PATK Scaling: 1.8*PATK

    2. Dragon Cross -> Fiery Dance: 2 Hit(high) Fire Penetrating Pierce Attack to enemy units in the area(Cross(11)), Ignores DEF, reduces their PDEF/AGI/Fire Res, has a chance of inflicting critical, Powerfully Strong against Wind, Chance of inflicting silence/daze, Very strong against Demons
    Jewel Cost: 50
    Use: 3/3
    Multiplier: 150-175%
    PATK Scaling: 2*PATK
  2. ganmbit

    ganmbit Member

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    Level 11 Equipment

    Izanami: PATK, CRIT, DEX, Pierce, Fire, Light, Dark, Jewels(get)
    Components: Dragon Halbred, Compass, Dragon Sphere, Izanami Diagram

    Zangetsu's Armor: HP, PDEF, MDEF, Fire Res
    Components: Black Belt, Cross Helmet, Flame Emperor Armor, Zangetsu's Armor Diagram

    Zangetsu's Beads: Four Element Resistance, MDEF, CRIT, DEX, LUCK, Jewels(Initial, Max)
    Components: Elemental Belt, Alchemic Radio, Orichalcum Blades, Zangetsu's Beads Diagram

    Zangetsu's Armlets: PDEF, MDEF, DEX, CRIT, HP, Bind/Daze/Silence/Stun Resistance
    Components: Goddess Figurine, Morning Star, Celestial Robe, Zangetsu's Armlets Diagram

    Zangetsu's Shoes: PDEF, AGI(Most), CRIT, DEX, Fire Res, Dark Res
    Components: Knight Chess Piece, Winged Boots, Platinum Katar, Zangetsu's Shoes Diagram

    Zangetsu's Leggings: PDEF, MDEF, HP, AGI, Wind Res, Light Res
    Components: Old Pocket Watch, Great Axe, Ancient Boots, Zangetsu's Leggings Diagram

    Job Master:
    PATK: 25%
    CRIT: 15%
    DEX: 15%
    AGI: 10%
    HP: 20%
  3. ganmbit

    ganmbit Member

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    Gear: Izanagi
    Type: Spear(Applicable to all spear units)
    Pierce + 10(20)
    PATK +30(50)
    AGI +5(10)
    CRIT +10(20)
    Fire +10(20)

    Master Ability: Final Dance: Triple Sakura Flames

    Inflicts 3-Hit Fire Pierce(Heavy) attack with chance of critical, Ignores DEF, & 100% Hit. After attack, increase own PATK and Pierce Attack Power by 100% for 3 turns. Reduces enemy's fire resistance and PDEF pre-emptively. Reduces their Jewel and Jewel Regen and increases their Jewel Cost.
    Range: 7
    AoE: 5x5 Diamond
    PATK Scaling: 2*PATK
    Multiplier: 250%
    Jewel Cost: 70
    Uses: 1/1
    (Zangetsu Exclusive Ability)

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