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Teona, Shayna or Anastasia?

Discussion in 'Unit Discussion' started by 1CC, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. 1CC

    1CC Active Member

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    I'm thinking about using rainbow shard from 2 million bonus since I'm worried that I might end up accidentally using that for farmable units. There's currently 3 5* that I considered using the shard for:
    1. Teona: AOE abilities, extra light element, extra buff and two square normal attack makes her a great mob sweeper (especially dark mobs). She's a bit slow though, and her offense abilities takes quite a large amount of jewel. Compared to the other two she's placed lower on the tier list by 2 rank which makes me reclutant in using the shard on her.
    2. Shayna: Great mobility and fast, with great combat passive. Everyone's favorite starter, but getting her shard is kinda hard so I recluctant in using the shard on her since Lucian might overshadowed her role for a long long time.
    3. Anastasia: I started to use her as sub since she placed on the top of tier list for dark unit. She's a glass cannon so normally I didn't use her for auto team. Still not really sure whether to use the shard on her since practically she's less useful than the other two.

    Any advice on where to use the shard?
    Edit: after rechecking, actually Anastasia is on S rank, not SS so Teona only one rank below
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
  2. Mishikasei

    Mishikasei Moderator Staff Member

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    A general tip: never use rainbow shards on non limited units, also you need more rainbow shards if you want to at least increase its level.
    Just to tell you to unlock the 3rd job you need to spend 125 rainbow shards (25 for limit break 1 to 5, 50 for limit break 6 to 10 and 75 for 11 to 15).
    As for the units you mentioned:
    Of the 3 prioritize max jobing Shayna as she is still the most abused unit atm. Holy Brawler is simply an OP job.
    Teona should be Valk mained only as between that and Holy Cavalier, it's fine to keep Valk main and sub job.
    Anastasia is fragile but does insane dmg only if she's Dark Cavalier...

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