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TAC Staffs, who are they???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ganmbit, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. ganmbit

    ganmbit Member

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    Okay, so you are wondering who the hell those three people from Gimu are and I'm here to assist you...

    The first and foremost is of course is Jun Imazumi himself, the "TAC Producer" is no one else than him and we could know just by seeing the comparision of his real life and his tagatame counterpart. He is known as Imaima or Imajum for some people, but I called him as Imaima if you ask me. He is responsible for almost anything in TAC, I mean some of the dark stories of TAC maybe came from him. If you dissapointed with Yauras-Nerf from Taga-Sute(Tagatame no Stage), the part of the fault is his. He is one of the two which always shown in JP banners lately. Maybe the MA is takoyaki because he likes takoyaki(?)

    The second, the guy who brings his laptop is Fujita, I don't know his surname but he is the TAC Designer. If the gacha rates feels like, you know... its his fault... When some event quests EX is annoying, it's his fault too. When the game is buggy, you can blame on him to. He is one of the two which always shown in JP Banners lately along with Imaima/Imajum.

    The third and the cutest of all, is Ishigaki or known as "Gaki-chan". She is as cute as her tagatame counterpart. She only shown once in Gumi Summit on last year, then we don't know the details of her. I don't know the surname/first name of hers, she is the Art Director of the game. Well, she is not at fault when the game is executed badly because the characters and the backgrounds are well-drawn. Because, she only handle the art section(maybe) of this game.

    Maybe this is some info about them in a nutshell if you wondering who they are. You will see Imaima and Fujita more in the game later, in banners of course... They will laugh at you in the banners...
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