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Sun God's Descendant - Ramses Rudra+

Discussion in 'Unit Discussion' started by ganmbit, May 31, 2020.

  1. ganmbit

    ganmbit Member

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    Ramses J+ (Sun God Descendant)

    Warning: I put so many suggestions. But, please read it with assumption that not all moves are recieved and only some which are taken

    Minor Changes:
    1. Modifies his Basic ATK Scaling to 1.5*PATK, does 2 hit for 1 single basic attack, and front/back defense rate -20%
    2. The unenchanted attacks will have their scaling upgraded to 1.6*PATK(For 1.4*PATK ones) and 1.8*PATK(for 1.6*PATK Ones)

    (For element add, I will put it on Ramses instead)

    Changed Counter:

    1. HP Drain +3 -> Sun Drain: After recieving dmg, absorbs HP & for three turns increases PATK & back permanently raises own Pierce ATK Power (Stackable up to 3x) & also activated by skills
    PATK Scaling: 0.85*PATK
    HP Absorb: 30% (Min) - 50%(Max)
    PATK: 25%
    Pierce Power: +20
    Range: Line(2)

    Added Moves:

    1. Sun God's Pride: Permanently Increase Pierce Attack Power by x1.5 to self, Buffs from this skill cannot be removed
    Jewel Cost: 25
    Uses: 1/1

    Changed Moves:

    1. Dragon Breath -> Oasis Breath: Wind non-type ATK to units within target area, Inflicts Slow/Blind(reduces AGI when slow, reduces hit rate when blind), Reduces Pierce/Pierce Res, Strong vs Thunder, Strong vs Humans/Amorphous [Range: 2, Area: 3x3 Square, Height Range: 1]
    Jewel Cost: 25
    Charges: 5/5
    Attack: 110%(min) - 130%(max)
    (Thanks to a friend in Facebook, credits to him)

    2. Dragon Slayer -> Dessert Thrust: 3 Hit(High) Wind Penetrating Pierce to enemy units in the area(Line(5)), Chance of Critical, reduces their Pierce/Wind Res, Increases Pierce Attack Power by x 1.5 pre-emptively for one turn, Increases power when enemy is inflicted blind/slow, Strong vs Humans/Amorphous, Very Strong vs Thunder
    Jewel Cost: 45
    Use: 3/3
    Wind Res: -10(changed later)
    Multiplier: 140-160%

    3. Grand Cross -> Grand Sun Thrust : Wind Penetrating Pierce Attack to enemy units in the area(Cross(11)), Ignores DEF, reduces their PDEF/Wind Res, chance of inflicting critical, increases damage when inflicted blind/stun, Strong vs Human/Thunder, Very strong against Amorphous
    Jewel Cost: 48
    Use: 3/3
    Multiplier: 160-200%
    PATK Scaling: 1.8*PATK

    4. High Jump Lv5 -> Falling Sun: Jump and inflicts Wind Pierce Attack to enemy units in area & 100% Hit, Increase Power based on target enemy units, Increase damage when enemy is inflicted by blind/stun, Strong vs Thunder/Human/Amorphous [Range: 5, Area: 5x5 Diamond, Height Range: 5]
    Jewel Cost:
    Use: 3/3
    Multiplier: 130-150%
    PATK Scaling: 2*PATK

    J+ Master Reward:
    HP: 30%
    PATK: 10%
    PDEF: +4%
    CRIT: +5%
    AGI: +5%

    1. Sand Spear: +20 PATK, +15 CRIT, +10 Modify Wind Attack Power, +6 Modify Strong vs Thunder, +10 Modify Pierce Attack Power

    2. Oasis Robe: +20 PDEF, +20 MDEF, +5 Thunder Res, +5 Wind Res, +60 HP

    3. Royal Sandals:+5 AGI, +10 CRIT, +10 DEX, +5 LUCK

    4. Glory Belt: +10 PDEF, +30 HP, +10 MDEF, +5 Light Res, +5 Dark Res,

    5. Tunic of the Sun God:+10 MDEF, +10 PDEF, +10 Initial Jewels, +40 HP, +5 Fire Res, +5 Water Res,

    (For a while this thing will be named as a tunic, but I dunno what is that actually, some type of Egyptian Skirt???)

    6. Golden Knives: +10 CRIT, +10 DEX, +10 LUCK, +10 Jewels Obtained, +20 Max Jewels

    Equipment Breakout(To help me on naming the 5th gear)
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2020
  2. ganmbit

    ganmbit Member

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    Gear: Spear of Ra
    Rarity: Gold/5*
    Type: Spear
    +30~60 PATK
    +5~30 DEX
    +10~20 CRIT
    +1~15 Pierce ATK Power

    Gear Abillity: Piercing Sun

    Inflicts 3 hit Wind Pierce attack on enemy units in the area(Strong vs Human/Amorphous, Very Strong vs Thunder), chance of critical, Greatly increases power when enemy is inflicted by blind/stun, Ignores DEF, blocks reaction, 100% hit
    Area: 5x5 Diamond
    Range: 5
    Jewel Cost: 90
    Use: 1/1

    Animation: Ramses will raise his two spears as high as he could and cross them with his main spear(the weapon gear) is in front of them, then he make a dual spear attack stance, then jump as high as he could before Ramses make a sun-light based "energy ball" then shots them into the enemy and make a huge sand tornado

    Nensou: Self-Satisfaction
    (Stats on max limit break and already full level)

    Main Attribute: Max HP +300

    Second Attribute: "Dessert Zone Attack Force"
    PATK +30, MATK +30 for dessert units

    Third Attribute: "Beautiful Sibling Love"
    PATK +40, MATK +40, LUCK +30, Wind Attack Power +6 on Ramses, Neferti, "Continental Observer"

    Fourth Attribute: "Sun God Descendant"
    CRIT +20, PATK +30, Modify Pierce Attack Power +10 on Ramses and "Continental Observer"

    Master: AGI +5

    Nensou Ability: "True Heritage"
    Doubles Pierce Attack Power to self for two turns
    Jewel Cost: 30
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2020

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