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Shayna+ Final Route aka "Tifa" Route(Mobility + Strike Buff/Debuff + CT based Shura)

Discussion in 'Unit Discussion' started by ganmbit, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. ganmbit

    ganmbit Member

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    Notable changes:
    1. 0.85 * (PATK + AGI / 2 + AGI * Level / 100 + DEX / 4) -> 1.25 * (PATK + AGI /2 + AGI * Level/100 + DEX /2) (Yna Ku/Iena Ku Based)
    2. Even uses Cestus/Gauntlet, Shayna in this "+" will attack use her feet, as her stance suggests that she is a feet based fighter
    -On another note: Shayna is more "Tifa"-based than "Chun Li"-based, IMO, Tifa still has few hand based attacks.

    1. Focused Palm -> Charming Arrival
    After moving, inflicts Strike Attack, CT -40 to enemy unit, inflicts Paralyze
    Range: 4
    Height Range: 3
    Scaling: 1.5*PATK
    Multiplier: 180%
    Paralyze: +100
    Turn Count: 3
    CT(Target enemy): -40
    Jewel Cost: 12
    Use: 3

    2. Palm Shockwave -> Lovely Charm
    3-hit penetrating Strike ATK to enemy units in the area, chance of critical, penetrating, Permanently increase own Strike ATK Power(Stackable, x3)
    Range: 3
    Area: (Proposed: 3x3 Cross, Optional(If NERF needed): this can be abandon and treated as ST)
    Height Range: 2
    Scaling: 1.5*PATK
    Multiplier: 100~130%
    Combo: 3
    Strike ATK Power: +10~20
    Jewel Cost: 15
    Use: 3
    (This is taken from Laura's MATK stacking x3 for 3 turns but changed into Strike ATK Power, stackable x3, and permanent since this is a J+)

    3. Supreme Battle Trance -> Lovely Battle Trance
    After Moving, inflicts 5 hit Strike ATK, chance of critical to single enemy unit, Ignores DEF, CT+30 to self, Very Strong vs Human, Slightly Raises Power when target has Strike res reduced
    Range: 7
    Height Range: 3
    Scaling: 1.5xPATK
    Multiplier: 250%
    Combo: 5
    Strong vs Human: +50
    Tokkou: +50
    Condition: Strike Res Debuff
    Ignore Defense Rate: -100%
    CT: +30
    Jewel Cost: 45
    Use: 3
    -Overlord Battle Trance -> Flawless Cuteness: After Moving, inflicts 5 hit Strike ATK with chance of critical to single enemy unit, CT+50 to self, Ignores DEF, 100% Hit, disable all reactions, Raises power when target has Strike res reduced, Powerfully Strong vs Human
    Range: 7
    Height Range: 3
    Scaling: 1.5xPATK
    Multiplier: 300%
    Combo: 5
    Tokkou: +80
    Strong vs Human: +120
    Ignore Defense Rate: -100%
    CT: +50
    Jewel Cost: 35
    Use: 3
    (Taken from Neun but make it Original and more "Shayna" like with its 5 hit)

    4. Susano'o -> Charge of Cuteness: Quadruples PATK, Move/Jump +1, and slightly raises own ATK Power for 3 turns
    PATK: +300%
    Move: +1
    Jump: +1
    Water ATK Power: +20
    Jewel Cost: 20
    Use: 3/3(could be: 5/5)
    (Could be Optional, or this skill instead)
    4b. Susano'o Absolutely Unforgivable: Quadruples PATK and slightly raises PDEF/MDEF for 3 turns
    PATK: +400%
    PDEF: +20%
    MDEF: +20%
    Jewel Cost: 20
    Use: 3/3(could be: 5/5)
    (Xeno Water Floor 15 Shayna)

    5.Strike Mastery+2 -> Charming Power
    Greatly Raises Strike ATK Power/PATK, Raises AGI
    Strike ATK: +30
    PATK: +25%
    AGI: +10%
    (What ever... There is Neun with his G2, why not?)

    6. Whirlwind Kick -> Lovely Kick: Strike Attack to enemy units in the area(Strong vs Fire), Very Strong vs Human, Reduces enemy CT by Half
    Area: 5x5 diamond
    Range: 5
    Height range: 3
    CT: -50% of current enemy CT
    Scaling: 1.5xPATK
    Strong vs Fire: +50
    Strong vs Human: +80
    Multiplier: 160%
    Jewel Cost: 35
    Use: 3
    (My Original proposed move since begining along with Palm Shockwave+)

    7. Divine Battle Trance -> Divine Cuteness Trance: Water Strike Attack(Strong vs Fire) to single enemy unit, chance of critical, Strong vs Human, Inflicts Delay/Bind/Daze, pre-emptively Reduces Strike Res
    Range: 1
    Area: 1
    Strong vs Fire: +50
    Strong vs Human: +50
    Bind/Daze/Delay: +100(Delay Rate: -50)
    Strike res: -30
    Scaling: 1.5*PATK
    Multiplier: 200%
    Jewel Cost: 32
    Use: 3
    (Note: Fuu has 3 Use DBT, this only follows his with only a bit of extra moves)


    8 Exploding Palm -> Lovely punches: Inflicts 3-Hit Strike damage and inflicts charm to enemy units in the area, reduces CT by half, reduces Strike Resistance
    Range: 1
    Area: 2x3 lateral
    Scaling: 150%
    Combo: 3
    CT: -50
    Strike Res: -30

    Added moves:

    9. Pretty Spirit: Permanently increase Strike ATK Power by x1.5, Reduces All Water DEF, Buffs and debuffs cannot be removed
    Strike ATK Power: +50
    Water DEF: -10
    Jewel Cost: 15
    Use: 1/1
    (Suzuka Charge, why not?)
    9. Pretty Spirit: Increase Strike ATK Power by x1.5 and Raises AGI and Enhances Lovely Kick, Lovely Battle Trance/Flawless Cuteness, and Divine Cuteness Trance for 3 turns
    Strike ATK Power: +50
    AGI: +20%
    Mentionned Moves buffs: Multiplier +50%
    Jewel Cost: 15
    Use: 1/1
    (Original Idea, to counter her AGI weakness)

    (Very very optional)

    Close Counter -> Counter Shockwave: Pre-emptively inflict Strike ATK to single enemy unit, reduces their Strike Res(Stackable, x3) and raises own Strike ATK Power(Stackable, x3)

    Iron Fist: After moving, Water Strike Damage to single target unit, reduces CT by 20, chance of inflicting critical, inflicts stun for 2 turns.
    Range: 3
    Jewel Cost: 10
    Use: 3/3

    1. Battle ready Belt(HP +40, PDEF +10, MDEF+10, DEX +10, AGI+5, Fire Res +10, Water Res +10, Wind Res +10, +10 Thunder res)
    2. Cute Skirt(HP +20, DEX +10, AGI +5, MDEF+5, Initial Jewels +10, Light Res +10)
    3. Lovely Shirt(HP +50, PATK +30, PDEF +30, MDEF +15, DEX +35, Dark Res +10)
    4. Agile Shoes(PATK +50, PDEF +20, Strike Attack Power +5, AGI +10, Max Jewels+15)
    5. Charming Gloves(not her gear and it's the cloth gloves of hers) (PATK +45, PDEF +25, DEX +25, Strike Attack Power +5, Jewels get +15)
    6. Pretty Hairband(HP +55 , PATK +10, DEX +15, AGI +3, Bind res +10, Daze res +10, Silence res +10, Stop res +10)

    Job Master Reward:
    HP: +30%
    PATK: +7%
    AGI: +7%
    DEX: +3%
    HP: +150

    Shayna 5* Memento

    Nensou: "Cuteness Is Justice!"
    Unlocks: her new skin based on her 4* Nensou
    Stats: +30 PATK
    VCR: Lovely Gloves
    NLS: +20% Max HP, +30% PATK/MATK, +30% Strike ATK Power, +30% Strong vs Wrath/Strong vs Gluttony, +10% AGI to Shayna Fan Club Memento Group

    Passive Ability(When full level(30)/full level + limit(40 + 5*):

    -Envylia's Momentum: Raises AGI(3/8)/Jewel Obtained(4/10) to Envylan Units

    -Roaring Success Group(Different version): Raises Single Target Attack Power(8/13) and Area Target Power(8/13) of the chosen units(Shayna, Alfred, Suzuka, Laura, Leoniaz, Lil Ouroboros)

    -Cuteness is Justice: Increase Evasion Rate(10/20), Reduce PATK Debuff Res(40/64), Reduce MATK Debuff Res(40/64) to Chosen Units(Shayna, Laura, Lil Ouroboros)

    -To be Cute: Increases Strike ATK Power(10/15), Critical Damage Rate(10/20), Area ATK Res(8/13) and "skill use +1(Max Limit Break)" to chosen units (Shayna, Lil Ouroboros)

    -Full Alchemic Boundary Bonus: Increase AGI(+10%) when appeared in map

    Vision Ability: Twin Fatal Beauty
    Inflicts Strike ATK to enemy units in the area, chance of critical, Increases Power when enemy has their Strike Res reduced, Increase Strike ATK Power for units from Envylia or Shayna Fan Club.
    Area: 5x5 diamond
    Range: 4
    Height Range: 3
    Strike ATK Power: +30
    Limit: Envylia/Shayna Fan Club
    Tokkou: +80
    Condition: Strike res debuff
    Scaling: 200%
    Jewel Cost: 50
    Use: 1/1

    VCR Gear

    Gear: Lovely Gloves
    Rarity: Gold/5*
    Type: Fist
    (Level 1~30)
    +21~50 PATK
    +6~15 AGI
    +1~30 DEX
    +1~10 Strike ATK Power
    +1~10 Strong vs Human

    Ability: Sparkling Cuteness
    Inflicts Extremely Powerful Water Strike DMG(Heavy) to enemy units in the area, chance of critical, ignores DEF. Strong vs Fire, Powerfully Strong vs Human.
    Range: 7
    Area: 5x5 Diamond
    Height Range: 5
    Jewel Cost: 75
    Ignore DEF Rate: -100%
    Multiplier: 350%
    Scaling: 1.5*PATK
    Strong vs Fire: +60
    Strong vs Human: +120
    Use: 1/1
    (PotK reference)

    Passive Ability: Increases "Star's Duty" and "Lovely Forte" when equipped with "Pretty Supporter"

    Post change:
    -Star's Duty:
    Increases own Max HP (recovers amount raised)/PATK/DEX/AGI/Strike ATK Power after appearing on map
    Max HP: 250
    PATK: +50
    DEX: +30
    AGI: +10
    Strike ATK Power: +10

    -Lovely Forte:
    Raises All Stats at start of own turn (Stackable up to 5x)
    All stats(except AGI): +20%(+4%/Turn)
    AGI: +10%(+2%/Turn)
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2021

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