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Question about the job mastery stat bonus

Discussion in 'General' started by veldt, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. veldt

    veldt New Member

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    I'm trying to find a definitive answer but can't find much

    The wording on the global site says mastering a job gives a percentage stat bonus "based on current stats"

    For example, gunner gets 3% dex when mastered. If I were to master a gunner at level 60, with 100 dex, I would get +3 dex. Is that bonus permanently +3? Or does it increase along with my level/dex?

    Surely it scales, that would mean you would have to wait til 85 to master if you wanted max stats. That'd be horrible. I hope I haven't permanently gimped characters by mastering their jobs early
  2. WeikerX

    WeikerX Moderator Staff Member

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    The rest of the form can correct me if i'm wrong.

    You will not have permanently gimped your charters by mastering jobs early. The percentage scales with your level, so that your character will hit a "max stat" at 85. The max stat can be found in alchemistcode data base. See example below:

  3. udon

    udon Moderator Staff Member

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    percentage based on level stats
    so it is applied to base stats of that level

    increase a level, the bonus stats will recalculate at that level
  4. Mishikasei

    Mishikasei Moderator Staff Member

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    It's permanent unless you upgrade the job to its job+ (you lose the bonus).
    Ofc the more you level the higher is the % as it's calculated to raw stats, so if by leveling a stat increase, ofc the bonus is higher.
    Example: 100 agi then you got by leveling up 150 agi (ofc it's fictional as no one gets +50 agi by 1 lv up) and then 4% agi master job bonus. So 4% of 100 is 4 while for 150 it's 6 so it becomes respectively 104 and 156. This is how it works so don't worry if you max job asap or at 85, it doesn't matter.
    It literally calculate your current stat and the max job bonus stat is applied to all jobs.

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