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PSA: Easy Othima Jacket Farming w/ SSM Skip Tickets

Discussion in 'Armament, Equipment & Abilities' started by Arananthi, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Arananthi

    Arananthi Active Member

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    If you were lucky enough to snag Othima but unlucky enough to not have an easy time farming for his Wizardy Coat Diagram Pieces, fear not! Gumi giveth in the form of SSM Skip Tickets.

    You can purchase 20 SSM Skip Tickets for 1m Zeni in the Secret Shop.

    You can also win 30 more free SMM Skip Tickets very quickly by using Zangetsu Cheese to kill the Diablo in Fallen Sun [EX] 10 times, retreating after each kill to get the 3 "Kill a Diablo" Missions which give 10 SSMSTs each. You can't use them on the EX, but you can totes skip SSM Ch5 St10.

    50 SSMSTs is, on average, enough for 1.8 Wizardry Coat Diagrams in my experience. But that's not all! Because you get 150 Gems from killing those Diablos, plus another few hundred Gems from the 10 SST Ch5 Missions in the first place, you can totally just buy one set of Phantom Master Rare Equipment from the Secret Shop for 250 Gems and still come out well ahead. So you only really need to farm farm for about 15~25 Wizardry Coat Diagram Pieces, which is much more reasonable. :)
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  2. dreamycreampy

    dreamycreampy New Member

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    but you can't skip the stage where his jacket drops though?

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