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Oct 2019 JP Anime Gacha Revenue Summary

Discussion in 'General' started by XingHa, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    It's a shame that AC falls on a pathetic spot of #28. A horrible 2D graphics matched with a 90s char profile artwork game Epic7 has almost twice the revenue compared to TAC GL. It is clear that the company, Gumi, is extremely incompetent and is only desperate for a good income. They might say i dont understand. Well, im a gamer and not a businessman so our perspective are different. If they put the game first before money and not just a slogan, things might change.

    It's no wonder seeing how Gumi keeps messing up the global version of the game. First, they mess up big time with Roxanne who broke game mechanics (notably some bosses and Veda Tower plants). But this is already in the past and the only Gumi could do is not let the past repeat itself. Unfortunately, Gumi is messing up big time again. The culprit is not actually the constant bug (Veda Tower) or the horrible banners (original business model). Gumi screwed the enlightenment scheduling big time as in big big big time. Gumi thinks that they are losing huge money due to futureproofing. TAC JP and TAC GL had 2 yrs of gap when the global version begun. But now they close the gap tremendously (like 6 months). I agree that it is one reason as players already knew which unit to wait for. Gumi should forget about money and focus primarily on getting players.

    Focusing on the enlightenment issue that i had mentioned. Quoting on what they said that the purpose of enlightenment is to make old units usuable again. In my analization, Gumi is just rushing things up to lessen the gap. As you can see, we are already in the 2nd phase of enlightenment which are the Gate 4 and Gate 5 yet there were some old units who don't even get their first enlightenment. Gumi, again, is just copy pasting things about the purpose of enlightenment. I don't care if they don't follow JP scheduling or if they want to rush things up so as long as other things were also aligned. What i mean is since JP took 1 whole year for G1/G2/G3 but global spend only like 9 months, gumi should also budget the shortened time to make sure all units gets their first enlightenment (ex: instead of 6 units per month, gumi should make up for making it 8 or 9 units per month. Gumi surely knows of this yet they deliberately did not do so). If there were too many enlightened old units in a month, the thing is players will less likely spend and rather focus on raising old units.

    Fung Liu is one prime example of a mess up enlightenment scheduling. He is seriously became underwhelming for so long that i couldn't remember the entirety of time anymore. If they can't release his first 3 gates, at least give him Sage JE to at least patch up the wound. Another is Othima. Just because he is free?

    And because of rushing things up. One notable loss for income is Parashu. The time Parashu was released, enlightened Zahar is already available. In JP, they enjoyed 3 months before enlightenment was introduced.

    Thus far the game can be cleared even as f2p. But we are just entering the whaley era - genesis units.
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  2. ganmbit

    ganmbit Member

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    Blame Imaima and Fujita in this... They should take all the blame now...

    It's because of their greed, this game is destroyed and maybe no more me see Shayna in the future just to satisfy their own greed

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