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Noctis [FFXV Collab]

Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Zenith, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Zenith

    Zenith Active Member

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    Noctis is a top-tier mage hybrid with immense utility, damage, bulk and sustain. He is able to switch between different setups to suit his needs to become a magical powerhouse in offense or defense. If paired with Othima or himself, the team's power exponentially rises.

    Noctis is blessed with all kinds of powerful passives, which he can combine into a multitude of great setups.

    1. Savior's Force + Sorcery Pair (Full Offense/WA)
    The combination gives Noctis 800-900 Matk and around 500 Patk at lvl75-85.
    This is the strongest offensive combination for his Weapon Ability, which scales on Patk and Matk. It can even be used with his Parry reactive due to his 500 Patk and the x1.4 multiplier on the reactive making the physical counter actually decently damaging. The massive Matk stat makes it also incredibly suited for Matk buffs on Noctis. The 35% buffs on Patk/Matk from Savior's Force apply to all units around him as well, but the buff only applies if a unit is near him, even for himself. The effect of Savior's Force can be stacked with buff effects from other sources, which also makes Noctis an ideal support to bring along if you want to raise your allies' offensive stats beyond a certain limit.

    2. Divine Shelter + Spell Charge (Full Tankiness)
    This combination gives him faster casting and the most out of his defense with increased Pdef and divine shelter. Noctis in general has a lot of sustain and combined with the Reflection reactive, he becomes incredibly tanky.

    3. Sorcery Pair + Just Hangin' Around/Spell Charge (Utility)
    Sorcery Pair can be combined either with the +20 mag damage or less cast time for a generally stronger offense with his magic spells. It are good offensive setups that add more to Noctis than Savior's Force stationary buff does (aside for his WA). These are typically the setups most used on him.

    General Usage
    Noctis always uses his unique job as main, but plays a bit differently depending on whether you take his unique sub or his battle mage sub with you. The battle mage sub is far superior on him in many situations: It gives him another water attack attack to make use of 50% bonus vs fire units, it gives him a wind attack to cover for his weakness against thunder units and the dimension drain allows a tanky unit like noctis to deal damage, while healing back up and giving his massive 900 Matk a 60% buff, all in one turn. Together with his unique job's heal, he has more than enough sustain.
    His unique sub has Fire and Thunder element attacks and is full of status inflicts for 100% poison/daze/stop from afar while dealing damage.
    You generally use Noctis like you would use any other mage, just casting away your spells while trying not to hit your own allies with the AoEs. But Noctis is so tanky and fast that unlike most other mages, you can do what a mage does while tanking hits at the front.
    This expresses itself in his teleport moves as well. He is the first unit to get teleport skills, one of which is also his group heal and the other one giving him 80% agi boost to get his turn back faster while closing distance. The warps allow him to cross obstacles and jump onto high platforms. If your main targets are out of your range, you usually start off a mission by using the 80% agi jump on some minor mob to close distance to your targets, tank some hits and then heal back up with drain dimension before hitting them with your Matk-boosted WA, triple blizzaga or one of your other elemental sub spells.

    Noctis's primary moves are:
    - Warp-Strike: The move you'll see a Noctis usually use on turn 1 and/or any other turn where he needs to just bridge the gap between himself and his target. It's a warp that requires a target to be used and it has limited height, but it has a very far range that allows Noctis to quickly get around.
    - Point-Warp: A warp spell that ignores height and allows you to just jump onto high platforms that other units would have to walk around endlessly. That by itself makes it a very powerful utility tool. But it also heals him and allies around the location where he lands.
    - Tricast:Blizzaga: A one of a kind triple-hit water magic AoE. It's immensely helpful against metal enemies and his strongest AoE damaging spell. This spell is slower than his other ones, so unless you know your timing, you should never lock this spell onto a target. This is the last thing you want hitting your team when an enemy walks into you with the spell locked onto it.
    - Marksman: This unique sub skill doesn't deal that much dmg, nor is the range that far, but it inflicts 100% daze and ignores height. You can daze targets up on mountains or other huge pillars with this. Very useful since a lot of enemies are not immune to daze.
    - Stopcast: Fira: Casts extremely fast for fire damage, inflicts 100% stop, 5 charges for only 32 jewels. This is the offensive spell you will use the most from his unique sub.
    - Venomcast: Thundara: A thunder cross AoE that inflicts 100% poison, also casts extremely fast with 5 charges for only 28 jewels.
    - Drain Dimension: To have this spell on Noctis is pure manifested evil. This battle mage sub spell has 5 charges that allow Noctis to heal his already tanky self back up very fast while doing some nasty damage with the 20% defense ignore rate on the spell. Additionally, it gives one of the most hard things to come by for mages, an offensive buff. The 60% Matk buff on Noctis, even with just 700 Matk (which is the lowest his Matk will generally get), is enough to ensure his WA will take out his target and that his Blizzaga will hit harder than anything a Sage could bring.

    Gear that benefits Noctis greatly
    - Sword of the Father
    This is Noctis's weapon and similar to Othima, he NEEDS it. It gives him a ranged single-target 4-hit attack with a 360% total multiplier. The attack costs 99 jewels, but it will absolutely take out whatever you target as long as it's not a thunder unit. Afterwards, Noctis gains 20 evasion, a 50% Patk buff and 10% agi for 4 turns.
    The stats on the weapon are the best for him to have too, with 30 Patk&Matk for his WA and his hybrid nature. Together with 30 extra Mdef, it gives him a total of 90 stats, pretty massive.
    Similar to Othimas weapon, it also has the chance to inflict Delay on hit, which is the status effect that most boss-type of monsters are typically not immune against.

    - Curious Doll
    The best friend of any tanky unit serves Noctis well too. He can combine it with his divine shelter for even more tankiness or just use it on an offensive build. The combination of his reactive, which increases his Pdef and Mdef by 20%, together with the doll and divine shelter make him more similar to an actual tank than a mage if you run the tanky setup, just with 100% starting jewels, all elemental coverages, status inflicts, further range and the fact that most tanks are physical tanks, so weak to Noctis's attacks.

    - Aegis Guard
    Anything that helps Noctis get his tankiness further up is helpful to his kit. Unlike many other tanks, Noctis has not only decent Pdef but also Mdef, which makes Aegis's active attractive for him. The stats on the Aegis are mainly a waste aside from the 15 Pdef though.

    - Snowman Hat/Wanderer's Hat
    Noctis makes good use of almost all of the Snowman Hat stats. The 20 max jewels add to a flat 20 more jewels since he starts with 100% jewels. And it adds him Pdef and water resistance for additional bulk. You mainly take the hat for the extra jewels, but the bulk adds nicely to the fact that it does not clash with his weapon's stats.

    Recommended Setup
    Main: Royal Blood
    Sub: Basic Combat Magic
    Reactive: Reflection
    Passive: Spell Charge
    Passive: Sorcery Pair
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  2. taznkid

    taznkid Member

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    Got redirected here...so seems like tldr, Battle Mage sub with main's ridiculous stats make him op.
  3. votris11

    votris11 Active Member

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    Any recommendations for lb 65?
  4. taznkid

    taznkid Member

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    Both of his main's passives for more damage, otherwise run divine shelter instead of Savior Force. Prince sub superior to Magic Sword sub imo
  5. Zenith

    Zenith Active Member

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    The most broken things about him are probably
    1. His unique job's Matk bonus, which gives him ridiculously high Matk
    2. His weapon ability. Need his gear for it.
    3. His Warp heal, with which he can cheat a lot of maps by accessing areas that you shouldn't be able to access so easily.
    4. The overkill is just having tankiness and heals while actually being an offensive unit

    I'd either
    1. Use all of his uniques, except switch out Savior's Force for Divine Shelter. Then play him as supportive mage (similar to Othima)
    2. Use his Magic Swordsman sub, whose skills all scale on Patk+Matk, and the rest all his unique's. Then just make sure to stick to your allies to keep your Matk/Patk buff up and use the sub skills for damage.

    The buff from Savior's force is actually much more practical than you'd think from reading the description. The buff applies to you and your allies if they stay near you at the start of their turn. This means they can still move around and keep the buff from Noctis. They don't have to stick glued to him at all times. Just Noctis has to make sure to move nearby to an ally again afterwards. Which he often does anyway by warping to them to heal them.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
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