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Newbie Team Help

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by Zan, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. Zan

    Zan New Member

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    Hi, I just started this weekend. I got 2 accounts which I want to link one to my FB, I just dont know which to choose. Also if I should reroll, but from the looks of it, it should be fine?? I got my phone and an old iPhone so I was able to get 2 accounts. got a good amount of 5* so I wasnt sure if I should reroll.

    Who to use until I level more. Currently, lvl 12 and 22 respectively.

    Acct 1:
    Current party: Flamel, Elizabeth, Anastasia, Vettel, Carol, Hayate, Logi(for story)
    Others: Megistos, Vincent, Soleil, Strauss, Patty, Michael, Kuon, Kazahaya, Prompto, Elaine, Alyu, Annerose, Almira, Lambert, Melia

    Acct 2:
    Current party: Yomi, Magnus, Setsuna, Gormalas, Soleil, Dilga, Logi(for story)
    Others: Chloe, Megistos, Mizuchi, Prompto, Yuto, Vanekis, Leon, Michael, Kazahaya, Jake, Elaine, Alyu, Arkil, Almira, Lambert, Melia

  2. udon

    udon Moderator Staff Member

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    i think you should reroll, given we are currently running through a very good banner right now (noctis and aranea - limited units, won't be available after this month, until the event runs again next year)

    if you don't want to reroll, acct 2 is the keeper, since it has setsuna and gormalas, and this will carry you far in single player (their job1 are S tier)

    take a look at this guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet..._9LnMFYy1nBy2lPTNAX52LkPU/edit#gid=1495093752
    as a beginner, the j1 tier is what to look for - units with S or SS tier j1 are the keepers
  3. Kat

    Kat Member

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    Reroll like udon said.
    You should try to get noctis or araranea.
  4. Mishikasei

    Mishikasei Moderator Staff Member

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    If you don't want to further reroll, keep account 2, else try to get both Aranea and/or Noctis like udon said.
    Also to add what they said, you have Yomi which will get buffed in the future (even if it's still a bit very far, unless GL fasten content and unit release)
  5. Zenith

    Zenith Active Member

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    What you should also consider is:
    Noctis and Aranea are useless if you do not farm their equip (=their outfits) from the FF missions.

    If you reroll an account for noctis, you should try to farm their equip asap.
    Otherwise consider buying the equip from the shop.
    Noctis also needs his weapon, which you can only get from EX2.
    You could try going into some multiplayer missions where you get carried through EX2 for the weapon.
    Otherwise little chance of obtaining it without a fully maxed unit.

    TL;DR: If you don't want to waste time, just go with account 2.
    Otherwise you could try rerolling for the FF units and see how far you get with farming their stuff within the few days left.

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