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News Monthly Updates (September)

Discussion in 'News and Events' started by Mishikasei, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Mishikasei

    Mishikasei Moderator Staff Member

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    Link source: https://m.facebook.com/notes/the-alchemist-code/monthly-updates-september/525538384595441/

    Monthly Updates (September)

    We hope you enjoyed the new global units and story! Here is a preview of new and exciting content that is happening in September!

    Nightmare Memories
    Enter the story of young Dias as he and his sister, Yuffie, struggled in harsh environments as orphans after Wratharis was destroyed. Young Dias loved his sister and always protected her from harm. They were constantly bullied in the village until Lord Gadd Nash adopted Dias and Yuffie. Dias always looked up to their new step brother Dario until he revealed his true colors, with Yuffie being kidnapped by Dario's master - Corpse! What was the true motive of Dario? Find out more as you enter the memories of Dias and also unlock Dias Job+!

    Beyond Life or Death
    Resources from the border village of Envylia that were meant for research has been halted for a few months and Freed is sent to investigate the matter. While Freed is inspecting the village, a girl named Blanchett stumbles in his way and the prototype of the sacred stone reacts to her emotions. Vanekis warns Freed about a certain suspicious landlord that might have double crossed them and sabotaged their research. Who is the mastermind behind all these happenings? Uncover this story to find out more and unlock Freed Job+!

    Chapter 3: Episode 3 - Act 1 & 2
    The third attack on Lustburg's castle has begun! Lisbeth tries to save the court mages but they sacrifice themselves instead of giving Lisbeth a chance to save them. Dias and Lisbeth once again cross paths in the queen’s room as they battle against the queen and her powers. Straight after the tragedy that has befallen Lustburg - another is coming in its wake! The forests that the Bugmeile called home is in flames! How will Lisbeth avert these disasters? Stay tuned for the next 2 acts of Lisbeth’s Story!

    Hard Quest and Character Story
    There are more unit shards farming in September! We’ll be rolling out the hard quests for the following units:



    Disgaea Collaboration
    Disgaea is finally here, featuring main characters Laharl, Killia, Etna, Seraphina, Red Magnus, Usalia, and Prinny! You can summon them this month and take advantage of their unique jobs and master abilities! The collaboration also includes an Item Tower that you can clear for an accessory and its shards! There’s even an Apple Garden that you can clear to obtain exclusive Prinny Apples! Remember to keep an eye out for other special Disgaea-related events and giveaways. You won’t want to miss any of them so stay tuned for more information that we will be announcing on our Social Media channels!

    That’s all for the preview for September and we look forward to seeing you guys next month in October!

  2. nickjr

    nickjr Moderator Staff Member

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    Oh so it's Bugmeile and not Bugmail lol okay Bugmeile looks more like a proper name


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