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Malda Tribe Mitten

Discussion in 'Armament, Equipment & Abilities' started by XingHa, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Malda Tribe Mitten
    Equip: All
    3 Star: Magic Evasion Rate +13
    4 Star: Magic Evasion Rate +16
    5 Star: Magic Evasion Rate +20
    Gear Ability
    : 10% of target's HP with non-type ATK (Max Dmg: 1225) [Range: 4, Height Range: 2]

    The dmg type is excellent as this can bypass contents that has resistance/immunity to certain type of dmg, but the dmg is low (1k dmg on a 10k HP enemy) and dmg keeps lower as the target loses more hp. And i doubt the gear ability can be used against all high end bosses (otherwise this would be godly on raid bosses lol).

    So the question is whether we make multiple copies of 3 Star or make it 5 Star. If the gear ability isn't worth much then we should make aim for the 5 Star as the +20 MEva is so great.

    Any experience from TAC JP player to share?

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