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Magic Damage Classes Without Cast Timers?

Discussion in 'General' started by Delphiki, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Delphiki

    Delphiki Member

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    Are there any classes that do Magic Damage with instant speed abilities? Im finding the tower to be a huge pain with the x5 def buff the enemies receive and soon after the Patk down debuff my team receives but mages/sages move SO SLOW and can hardly get anywhere to do anything and when they do by the time they get off their spell they're either dead or the enemies moved.

    Are there any good classes that do magic damage especially with decent range that don't have to wait several turns to do something?
  2. Mishikasei

    Mishikasei Moderator Staff Member

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    Well so far only Magic Swordsman or Bribe/Bridegroom (the latter can't remember atm) do magic damage without cast speed from what I know...
    Actually there are decent mages and sages that cast skills faster.
    Example any Mage/Sage with Enchanter class is good due to Swift Charge.
    Also take note of how to effectively use aim unit or grid: aim unit will catch the unit in the middle so if you cast it don't be in the range of the enemy or you risk to suicide in the process, grid instead will hit only that specific place.
    The good Sages imo are for now Reida (main Shrine Maiden imo) and Fung Liu (if he unlocks his 3rd job...).
    Alternatively use Magic Swordsman since half of its atk is also magic.
    Also to counter this def x5 you can rely on Samurais or Snipers as they own ignore defense skills. About patk down they last 3 turns so try to stall in that case.
  3. Arananthi

    Arananthi Active Member

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    You don't need to unlock J3 for Fung Liu to be badass. You just have to either nail a status effect, trap an enemy w/your units, or take advantage of the AI by putting a weaker unit's back open to the blast zone. I love my undead Sage. :D

    ^^^ THIS IN SPADES. I've beaten at least 10% of the upper floors just by waiting around at the opening spots doing nothing for 6 turns or so until mobs become vulnerable again. :D
  4. KasugaArata

    KasugaArata Active Member

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    There is a nice trick you can try with Sage( prb mage as well). If you cast a spell lets say Mega Flame, and then cast overclock on the Sage he/she in most cases will get overclocked before finishing the cast of the spell. When you get overclocked you will see charging and tiles that will be effected, now if you cast Mega Flame again it will be instant cast and you will be able to move after, you can even change the area you want to hit. It may take a while to get used to it but can be rly helpful, trials in events are a nice place to practice.

    You can also speed up cast by applying quicken on your Sage/Mage.
  5. SunRay

    SunRay Member

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    Use "Battlefield Drama" gear have skil "Sinister Gaze" , the skil is AOE, did not have cast time, this for female unit only, when equip this unit would have master skil (Sinister Gaze) only can be use once and need 60 jewel.

    If you have 3 "Battlefield Drama" that means you may have 3 unit equip it with skill "Sinister Gaze", veda tower there 5 unit and 2 sub unit, so if posible you may have 7 "Battlefiel Drama" equip in the female scarifice unit to drain enemy ap and a bit spam enemy with "Sinister Gaze" cause this gear acessory you can uneguip and put to other female unit if the unit first wear die.

    There Mianne event if you already lb max Mianne and become Bhisop your slot gear would be unseal so you can put 3 gear: weapon gear, armor gear, and acessory gear, give Mianne staff like "Binding scpeter" as weapon gear, plus " Battlefield Drama (as category acessory gear)" , now your unit Mianne not only have Holly Ray and Shine but now have add skill "Sinister Gaze" (+ a binding chance)

    With this "Battlefield Drama" even "Dancer" could attack with AOE skill "Sinister Gaze"
    More stong MAtck your female unit more strong "Sinister Gaze" attack.

    Seen Rahu Chrono use this Skill: Sinister Gaze two times (than supossed only one times in battle)

    The original the "Battlefield Drama" is a weapon gear and bind to free unit Runa so skill "Sinister Gaze" for Runa, but right now it become acessory gear for all (sepecialy female unit)
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018
  6. Arananthi

    Arananthi Active Member

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    Due to the Chronomancer passive 'Time Leap.' ;)

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