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Library of Guides

Discussion in 'Guides' started by XingHa, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    Below is the glossary so it would be easier for you to find what you're looking for. Though not all content is available here. All sort of raid (be it the normal raid bosses, genesis hard boss or port raid bosses) is not tackled here. At least, i compiled this before bidding farewell.
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  2. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    Compilation List
    (1) Some J+ or JE+ equip mats are obtainable from doing the normal story stages/milestone and NOT always in the EX.
    (2) The Advent of Phantoms are no longer available.

    Babel Chronicles
    Dazzling Black Veins (Wratharis)
    : https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/babel-chronicles-dazzling-black-veins.23510/
    Red Sparks of Iron (Envylia): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/babel-chronicles-red-sparks-of-iron.22267/
    Green Prayers of Drought (Desert): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/babel-chronicles-green-prayers-in-drought.24620/
    Crossroads in the Devastation of War (Wadatsumi): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/babel-chronicles-crossroads-in-the-devastation-of-war.25811/
    When Bells Toll over the White Snow (Slothstein & Lustburg): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/babel-chronicles-when-bells-toll-over-white-snow.27427/

    Check Archive for their availability.
    Sweet Aspirations (Lofia J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-sweet-aspirations-ex-lofia-ex.28738/
    Sound of the Bells (Caris J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-sound-of-the-bells-ex-caris-ex.25793/
    Sunrays Beyond Reach (Flamel J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-sunrays-beyond-reach-ex-flamel-ex.31580/
    Stairway to Heaven (Megistos J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-stairway-to-heaven-ex-megistos-ex.31577/
    Blood Wolf by Any Other Name (Anastasia J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-blood-wolf-by-any-other-name-anastasia-ex.29200/
    Forest Protector (Lucian J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-forest-protector-ex-lucian-ex.30352/
    Return to the Underworld (Jin J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-return-to-the-underworld-ex-jin-ex.25714/
    [Phantom Soldier Skirmish Sports Festival] 4th Event: Final Team Battle: https://alchemistcodeforum.com/thre...estival-4th-event-final-team-battle-ex.28570/
    A Bond More Enduring than Starlight (Pamela): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-a-bond-more-enduring-than-starlight-ex-pamela-ex.25536/
    In Our Fated Future: https://www.alchemistcodedb.com/quest/qe-so-toritoh-ex
    The Signaling Shot Echoes to the Other Side (Bertha J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/thre...hot-echoes-to-the-other-side-sharon-ex.30665/
    The Girl Who Tread on the Remaining Snow (Rebecca): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/thre...ad-on-the-remaining-snow-ex-rebecca-ex.26419/
    Blitzkrieg of a Mentor (Leoniaz J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-blitzkrieg-of-a-mentor-ex-leoniaz-ex.30888/
    Reclaiming the Scarlet (Chloe J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-reclaiming-the-scarlet-ex-chloe-ex.28857/
    Rekindled Flames of Rage? (Lizardman): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-rekindled-flames-of-rage-ex.31710/
    Unfulfilled Promise (Spica JE+):
    Living in this Disheveled World (Glanz JE+ & Corvus JE+):

    New Year
    Promises Under the Harvest Moon (Tamamo J+ & Hazel J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/thre...er-the-harvest-moon-hazel-ex-tamamo-ex.37980/
    Chocolate Toy Box (Rahu J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-chocolate-toy-box-ex-rahu-ex.31013/
    Spicy Chocolate Battle (Suzuka J+ & Itsuki J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-spicy-chocolate-battle-ex-itsuki-ex.30936/
    Heart of Chocolate (Leafah J+):
    April Fools
    Dreamy Sacred Stone Memories (Lizardman): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-dreamy-sacred-stone-memories-ex-lizardman-ex.31684/
    Magically Dyed Colorful Egg (Neica J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-magically-dyed-colorful-egg-ex-neica-ex.31783/
    White Day
    Steel Lined Wedding Aisle: https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-steel-lined-wedding-aisle-ex-don-taras-ex.25338/
    Happy Crazy Wedding: https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-happy-happy-crazy-wedding-ex.27332/
    White Day Complex (Moa J+ & Kevin J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-white-day-complex-ex-kevin-ex.31501/
    A Blessing for the Wedding Knife (Lucia JE+):
    Wonderful ☆ Summer (Dorothea J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-wonderful-☆-summer-ex-dorothea-ex.27471/
    Eight-Armed Armchair Theory (Shen Mei JE+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-eight-armed-armchair-theory-ex-shen-mei-ex.32451/
    Squeak Squeak ★ Halloween! (Hayate J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-squeak-squeak-★-halloween-ex-hayate-ex.29875/
    Trick or Flower!! (Melda J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-trick-or-flower-ex-melda-ex.29831/
    Halloween Capriccio (Rosa J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-halloween-capriccio-rosa-ex.37981/
    From a Snowman with Love (Birgitta J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-from-a-snowman-with-love-ex-birgitta-ex.30679/
    Winter Holiday Plans for the Children (Ravina JE+ & Lotiyah JE+)

    Veda Templars
    The archenemies of Holy Guards. You can regard them as Phantom Troupe from Hunter x Hunter.
    Andante of the Dead Nine (Neun J+): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-andante-of-the-dead-nine-neun-ex.32169/

    The Advent of Phantoms
    : https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-the-advent-of-phantoms.22488/
    Chamber of Tribulations I: https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-chamber-of-tribulations-i-ex.24623/
    Chamber of Tribulations I: https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-chamber-of-tribulations-ii-ex.30811/
    Shadow Plane Karma (Loliborous & Waginau [Human]): https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-shadow-plane-karma.29220/
    Mobius Tower: https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-mobius-tower.22177/

    Gumi Collab
    These are collaboration between Gumi-owned games.
    Dragon Genesis
    - Sacred Stone Memories: https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-sacred-stone-memories.31636/
    - Lineage of Justice: https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-lineage-of-justice-ex-hell.31650/
    Phantom of the Kill: https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-phantom-of-the-alchemist.25186/
    - PotA XI (Lisanaut Lag Axe):
    Shinobi Nightmare: https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-for-whom-the-princess-weeps.25231/
    Brave Frontier: https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-brave-frontier-ex.29428/
    Crystal of Re-Union: https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-crystal-of-re-union-ex.28791/

    Global Exclusive
    Created by Gumi Global hence the noticeable difference in art.
    Magni Historia: https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-magni-historia.31651/

    These are collaboration with other company.
    Fate/Stay Night
    Final Fantasy XV
    Etrian Oddysey
    Attack on Titan
    : https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-attack-on-titan-ex.25280/
    Seven Deadly Sins: https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-seven-deadly-sins-ex.31062/
    Shield Hero
    Orange Ballons Everywhere:
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2021
  3. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    Maybe you had some question for me...

    Q: Are you still playing Alchemist Code?
    A: Not seriously playing the game anymore like i used to be. Usually getting dailies and thats it. If there's a real easy new content, might throw a run since it won't require much effort and thorough planning. Im considering of totally stop playing this game.

    Q: Whats the reason why you gave up Alchemist Code?
    A: I dont mind honest mistake like when Roxanne was released. Mainly because of horrendous enlightenment scheduling. TAC will be the last gumi game i will ever play. WotV is a different story since its SE the one who handles the whip. Gumi just simply do the coding works.

    Q: Can you tell me the reason in list?
    (1) purposely delaying Hard Quest release - the first notable one is Shayna. she was a popular meta unit that time and of course gumi GL just want to cash cow out of her
    (2) untimely [was very late] release of Balt's MA which resulted on the loss of revenue
    (3) not well-planned scheduling of PotK collab resulting in a conflict between Parashu and enlightenment introduction which resulted again to a loss of revenue
    (4) horrendous enlightenment schedule (the main reason) - most average f2p units are more efficient during their 1st 3 gates as powercreeping becomes more prevalent esp when Genesis units dawned out and new limited units started to flood the list of latest units. example of victims: Olga (which is a popular duo with Dark Tyrfing cheese. bringing a dead unit just for the Stop discouraged the prevalent use of the cheese), Noah (6 gates all at same time), Mei Fan (5 gates all at same time)
    (5a) purposely holding free unit enlightenment such as Fiona & Pamela or purposely postponing unit release such as Moa (to prevent farming her shards for early preparatory as Moa comes into limelight during her J+)
    (5b) gumi GL is an ass when it comes to free unit - Rena is a nice souvenir but gumi GL is not going to pay for a free unit. Kasumi is just going to be given away finally as of this typing
    (6) lack of review from gumi GL side the importance of timely release for some update - Setsuna J+ Hard Boss with no Desert MLS, a certain cheese (forgot what it is) and the relative MLS was not release, Rochelle release when the Shield Hero collab raid is over which resulted to a slight revenue loss

    Q: Why not migrate to Tagatame no Alchemist (the JP version)?
    A: As a Chinese, i really disgust JP's Wadatsumi obsession. I happened to play a Japanese game but not for their obsession.

    Q: What are the games are you playing right now?
    A: Genshin Impact, WotV & PriConne
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2021

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