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Kudanstein's Future (Gate 5)

Discussion in 'Unit Discussion' started by XingHa, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

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    He started to get strong when kaigan arrives on him but it wasn't enough to put him among the beast. But now in jp, Kudan gets better and better, and he got Holy Brawler [Shura].

  2. ganmbit

    ganmbit Member

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    What, Holy Brawler Shura, the one that has 4x charge up but nulls PDEF/MDEF for one turn?! Oh, that's gonna be dangerous...

    Kudan could make 400-500k damage in a single blow if someone know how to use that.

    As I expect from a fool like him(Kudan is a fool because he never think before he do and only hearing the information from one source only), Imaima tends to make fools seem strong.

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