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Intermediate account for rider yomi+gilga

Discussion in 'Account Trading' started by Polyp, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. Polyp

    Polyp New Member

    Likes Received:
    Looking for any account with rider yomi and gilga. Can be freshly rolled account.

    Up for trade is an account with job+ tokens for polin, rahu, caris, lofia. Only lofia's job+ equips were farmed however.

    1043 gem
    40 wind shard
    95 rainbow shard
    55 fire shard
    30 light shard
    35 dark shard
    20 lightning shard
    15 water shard

    Polin is LB15 bard+ 11
    Zangetsu LB9
    Lofia LB10
    Rahu LB 14
    Fung Liu LB 1
    Archer LB 15
    Chloe LB6
    Lucian LB10
    Rosa LB1
    Millis LB12
    Reagan LB8
    Courage LB4
    Reida LB10
    Caris LB8

    Valhalla lance
    Storch Ritter (has enough pieces to 5*)
    War Labrys
    Tiger Kris
    Dazzling Blade (has enough pieces to 5*)
    Mystical Egg
    Bow of darkness 4*
    Battlefield drama (enough for 2 3* or 1 4*)
    Takemikazuchi 4*
    Heart choker 4*
    Guren blade 4*
    Bashosen artefact 3*
    Forcas hell lance 3*
    Tohsaka's pendant enough for 4*
    Sakura dawn blade 3*

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