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I really need help here

Discussion in 'Unit Discussion' started by XGuarden, Feb 4, 2021.

  1. XGuarden

    XGuarden New Member

    Likes Received:
    Two question let start by the less important one.
    Where is the vier token?

    Second one? I try beat the even Illuminator the world.
    I can't believe that even with every character in the list max out I cant achieve it even with tutorial. I seen a player make Kanon use triple attack skill. The problem is that I did't have that skill "Deternimed Justice" . It's seem it's comming from a gear "Knight of Justice's Garb".

    I get no clue where to get it at all. Any help please?

    I just discover recently that each stat can only increase once. So puttnig a guear that increase 50 another 40 and another 30 will not make +120 but just +50. So i ask myself few question here. Some skill said it increase some stat. Did it's same? once is increase using a skill that increase again will not add more? What about item? Like if I use a item that increase attack by 50% it will add up with the skill buf or???

    Thanks you.

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