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I got somes questions..

Discussion in 'General' started by XGuarden, Sep 17, 2020.

  1. XGuarden

    XGuarden New Member

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    I play this game from almost it's start but I realize that even if I have most of unit that seem maxed out, Im week... lol

    I looking video and people pass some ex stage with unit that seem weeker so I decide to ask some question.

    1. I alway look every unit to se if a featured Ex stage are avalable to farm, did they have any place where I can see all farmable curently ex stage for unit?

    2 . How did the raise the skill of mastery for equipement. I mean, I alway got option to reset it but nothing more.

    3. I see that many user have Neuf with 1145 of attack. Mine is curently maxed out everywhere but still in the 900...I put exact same momento all maxed out and all gate to 5, how come they even get higher then that? what did I miss?
  2. nickjr

    nickjr Moderator Staff Member

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    Hi! Sorry for the late response--this forum is pretty inactive and unfortunately overrun by bots.

    1. Do you mean the EX stages that give you a unit's soul shards? These are found in the same location as Hard Quests. Once they become available, they won't go away. You can quickly see all Hard Quests if you go to any part of the story where you have unlocked Hard Quests, then on the left side of the screen you should see "Select By Unit". Tap that.

    2. By skill of mastery for equipment, do you mean gear* enlightenment? I actually don't know the answer to this one, but I think it has something to do with getting duplicate weapons with the same enlightened skill.

    3. Here's a checklist of how you can get more stats in general. I might've missed something...
    • "master" a job (the level past level 11)
    • enlightenment
    • equipment* enhancement (using the gold/silver/bronze pots)
    • gear
    • memento, but note that ONLY the "Equipment Set Stats" (which are usually not impressive on their own) will show up on the unit screen--the unit-specific and group-specific stats don't show up on the unit screen, including the mercenary screen
    • stat-boosting passives, such as Chopping Spirit (from the Warrior job)

    You'll probably get faster replies if you post on the Alchemist Code Global subreddit. There's probably a link to a Discord server in there somewhere, too.

    * As a side note, note that in the English version of Alchemist Code, "equipment" refers to the stuff you use to raise a job's level (like Sacred Lion Blade, Compass, etc) while "gear" refers to weapons, armor, and accessories (like Battlefield Drama, Wanderer's Hat, Sapphire Earrings, etc). It can be a little confusing since "equipment" and "gear" in the English language mean similar things, so different games use those words for different things haha

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