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How to Destroy any 3-Fire Unit Arena team.

Discussion in 'Unit Builds' started by Arananthi, May 25, 2018.

  1. Arananthi

    Arananthi Active Member

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    Annihilating 3-Fire Unit Arena Team
    Lofia (lvl 80 for MA)
    Job: Magic Swordsman
    Secondary: Chronomancy
    Reaction: Jewels
    Passive: Divine Shelter
    Passive: Resist Magic
    Weapon: Guren Blade
    Armor: -
    Accessory: Sapphire Earrings (maxed @ 5*)

    With 25% Fire Resist for being Water, 25% Fire Resist for a Guren Blade, 15% Fire Resist for Divine Shelter, and 7% Fire Resist for being JM MS, alongside a straight-up 55% resist to all status effects from Resist Magic and Sapphire Earrings and the Regen from her MA, this Lofia can damn near solo any and every Fire team in Arena. The other two are just to distract them long enough that Lofia's defenses don't get beaten down by a 3-on-1 mob scene...though even that might not do the trick. :)

    ...But if you wanted to be even stupidly better at anti-fire shenanigans, a Shenmei can easily get 25% Fire Resist for being water, 15% Fire Resist for the Pirate passive skill, and 7% Fire Resist for being a JM Pirate. Throw in 5% more Fire Resist for a Snowman Hat and the fact that her counterattack deals Water damage, and you've got a sweet back-up Fire-slayer.

    Then just throw Reagan or whatever in and you're golden. :)
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