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Hey there !

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Onejah, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Onejah

    Onejah New Member

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    New to this forum but used to NeoChi forum, mostly FFBE one.

    I've tried to reroll for Laharl when his banner was up but no luck after hundreds of rerolls. ( just because Disgaea and Laharl )

    I'm still rerolling from time to time without much knowledge on who are the top dogs or upcomings one.

    Much help and advices would be appreciated ! Thx ^^
  2. 1CC

    1CC Active Member

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    Most of top units atm is from colabs or from sacred stone memories(SSM), but for this week's banner have Uzuma so you should aim for her. She got medium range normal attack and various elemental skill so she could fit in any team, well almost. You can read her description in the new job trial field, which highlight her matk based attack. It matters because many early and mid maps rarely feature opponent who can't be cracked with magic attack. Another thing is that her magic attack is no-cast so she's good against fast moving opponent who's resistant to magic attack. One thing that she's lacking is AOE, other than that she's a good all rounder magic damage dealer.
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