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Hey guys, been a while !

Discussion in 'General' started by Buttercantfly, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Buttercantfly

    Buttercantfly Member

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    So yeah, i've just redownload this game from almost a year of absent. I just want to see the current state of the game and i was suprised to see memento is here. And also some good J+ alrd came out too. Last time i played was during roxanne chapter of magni historia. The daily grinding, veda climbing feels more like a chore than fun for me at that time.

    It looks like gumi also drop their greedy 3 step not guateed summon (last time you must summon by paid gems) and go back to how it used to which is nice.

    I did some game in event, arena, veda climbing its all nostalgic and stuff, gameplay wise its just as how i remembered.
    However im pretty suprised that when i go to multiplayer section, theres only one room and 1/4 people in it. I've refreshed for 5 minutes and so still no body make a new room or join that room.

    Is this game losing many player base? What do you guys think? Coz if not i think im gonna play this game again (just not as hardcore as i used to).

    Also i did some summon banner and i got the light weater girl (fairlily i think) the water spy girl and the new fire girl unit. What unit is considered SS tier now days tho? Maybe equivalent as roxanne or noctis/laharl back in their days?

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