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Hello there!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ganmbit, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. ganmbit

    ganmbit Member

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    Hello there, I creating this account for:
    1. Discuss strategies
    2. Channel marketing(lie) :v
    3. Somewhere to put my custom unit(including custom equipment, gear, nensou, and jobs) and story details...

    But, I do more with number 3 than else, since I have one, but even one of them will be a little bit too broken in some areas, I nerfed some of them so they won't be OP

    In the my latest custom unit project, I do have 1 or 2 unit that will be SS Tier units in JP META and follows JP META as reference, while the free will be an A Tier units in JP META

    When creating units, I'd be fair to my units, I will make them A Tier at least, then they would have JP's Kaigan(Enlightment), Enchant Job, and Nensou, also with extra MA and GA... No matter the position are(Only MC and Heroine will get these(Nensou))

    But, the true emphasis and true focus point of my custom story project is the plot itself and character development of the character themselves...

    My target is make the story become one of the best story and the couple of the units inside is one of the best, well, even so, I probably will not let these units to made their appearance in the game, due to my laziness to do so much job later if my units get their green light.

    (Cuz, If they give them greenlight, I would be the one who responsible with the story and else)

    Speaking of that, is there any place for me to put my custom unit and story inside here, but of course, I can't draw well, so unit design is not my focus, but I have a desc about them.

    (Fun fact: Also with a pair of huge o**** also a**, and quite good thighs for the heroine, don't worry for lolicons, I have a loli for ya... It's the project's Chapter 2 Free unit, if you want a 'normal' size girl, I think I have them...)
  2. udon

    udon Moderator Staff Member

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    TAC related posts can be posted in General, even customs

  3. ganmbit

    ganmbit Member

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    Wow... Thanks dude...

    Actually, there are two projects, but I would focus on one thing...

    (Extra intro)

    I have a special squad :v Named "Waifu Squad", with these set of rules:
    1. Minimal Tier of the unit is S in JP META! NO MATTER WHAT!
    2. Has a huge pair of o****, AND NOT A HODE!
    3. At least one of the six prepared roles my be put: Fighter, Tank, Marksman, Assassin, Mage, and Support also with each element(Total: 6 roles, 6 elements, 6 units)
    3b. 2 Roles means 1/2 for each role(Ex: Fighter/Tank, counted as 'Half Fighter, Half Tank')

    My waifu squad members:
    1. Shayna, Fighter/Tank, Water
    2. Carol, Support, Light(Previously: She is put as Marksman due to job 1 and 2, but with 3 and J+, she is counted as support rather than Marksman)
    3. Lotia(ロチア), Fighter/Tank, Thunder(JP Unit)
    4. Vivi, Marksman, Fire
    5. Aswald, Assassin, Dark
    6. Neferti, Mage, Wind (Previously: Leafa(JP Unit) for support)(Ramses' older sister, JP Unit)
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