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[Guide] The Advent of Phantoms

Discussion in 'Guides' started by XingHa, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

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    The Advent of Phantom (Gerard)
    : You can use this strat for other "The Advent of Phantom" run (not just for the mono-Thunder) if you can't beat it using a mono-element. Though you will miss 2pcs of soul shards for not bringing the specified mono-element.

    When you see "bring Thunder unit only", what comes primarily to your mind is Roxanne, right? As long as Roxanne's sustain (Turn the Tables) is effective, it means "oh yeah!".

    During my lunch break at work, when i checked youtube. I saw cherob's cheese run on this stage. I didn't expect Roxanne could tank the enemies esp the Wind slime. I was planning to use double Roxanne and brute force the stage and expect a bloodfeast. But lol Roxanne was an overkill.

    What's great is that you don't even need to have your own Roxanne as long as you can borrow one. Meaning even a newbie can make exploit of this.

    ac22.jpg ac23.jpg
    Introducing our opponent, they are of group of Saga slime called Jam (they are 7). They are highly resistant to elemental damage whether it is physical or magical, and comes with 4k HP. As for their way of obliterating your party, they have this signature move, an AOE attack that can inflict Disable Heal (although not potent enough to affect Turn of Tables) which is very annoying, a spit with mini AOE that can inflict Poison (the damage is high), and some other less notable moves of theirs. The Jam is immune to Silence, Paralyze, Poison, Charm (i will list what i only know) but has half-resistance against Delay and Stop.

    You only need Vaccine against Poison since Disable Heal doesn't meet its expectation. Your fragile unit should be at Slot 2 (such as Lucretia, Usalia, Fujika). Your sacrifice (must be tanky or evasive) should be Slot 3 and Slot 4. Your sub is something you can use of like Mei Fang who can inflict Stop from a distance. If you have Gilgamesh, you can have him equipped with Divine Shelter to be ultra tanky. He is nice as a lurer. As you can see from the video above, i use some of my unit to attract the enemy to cluster together. As you luring them altogether, you should as well start chipping their HP. You can only kill up to 2 Jam otherwise a giant dark slime (with 9k HP i believe) called Giant Jam will spawn (5 of them i can't remember right). Kill 2 Wind Jam since it is the element you are weak against. If you are using Delay or Stop, i suggest you target the Water Jam or the enemies on the upper left.

    If you kill all the Giant Jam, another set of mobs (they are 4 i think) but this time they are not slime (some kinda weird looking humanoid thingy).

    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
  2. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

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    The Advent of Phantom (Sovereign)


    Roxanne is still OP. Vanekis is the MVP - Voltage Spark is irreplaceable and the Speed Enchantment was sweet. Vier is only there for Quicken lol. Lucretia for heal, protection and buff but you don't need her at early. You will start to need her when the 3 archer spawn as these enemies use Silence Arrow. Its an error that i bring Zofia. If i had just known, i should've bring Fujika for additional support. Well, she died early so it doesn't matter anymore.

    The strategy comes into 2 phase:
    1st Phase - free-ing the mercenary
    2nd Phase - actual fight

    2 Demon cast Slash Res+ and Pierce Res+ respectively. Your mercenary will join the battle once you destroy the green tablet crystal. The green tablet crystal is located south east. I rushed my Roxanne towards the green tablet crystal with the help of Move+2 gear buff, Quicken and Speed Enchantment. I stopped at the first invulnerable wall and start killing the nearest dark soldier. If you free your mercenary with those 3 dark soldier around, your mercenary will just die. After killing 1 dark soldier, i proceed on free-ing my mercenary then have it run towards my other unit. I move highground a bit to get a nice position. I deal with the 3 archer first. Vanekis will have to use Voltage Spark on the 2 Diablo to weaken and delay them. After disposing the enemy archers, i start whittling down the 2 Diablo. Then, the 2 Demon. Those slimes are just HP tonner but they aren't threat to Roxanne (and dangerous for your supports). The plant is a walking bomb that once you hit it, it will throw an AOE attack to the attacker then it dies. The explosion caused by this plant is very effectve against the slime. If the slimes cluster up and there is a plant, go for it! Roxanne is tanky enough to survive with that explosion.

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