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[Guide] Squeak Squeak ★ Halloween! EX (Hayate EX)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by XingHa, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    Squeak Squeak ★ Halloween! EX
    Stage Info: http://www.alchemistcodedb.com/quest/qe-ev-hall-hayate-ex

    Since this is a fairly old EX, enemies here won't pose any threat for your units. However, due to the mechanics applied within this stage, throwing a simple team and have it auto won't do.

    Neica is invulnerable at the start but by injuring the rattys, it will weaken Neica's resistance accordingly.

    Injuring the rattys down to 30% or below will trigger the "candy" effect once it get its turn. This "candy" effect varies according to the ratty you get injured. Obviously, you will want to make Neica vulnerable for your units:

    Wind Ratty -> Slash Ratty
    Water Ratty -> Missile Ratty
    Fire Ratty -> Fist Ratty
    Thunder Ratty -> Lance Ratty
    Light Ratty -> Magic Ratty
    Dark Ratty -> Jump Ratty
    Note: (1) These rattys will just circle around the map counter-clockwise; (2) Killing the regular ratty will spawn its halloween variant.

    Drops Info
    This is based on my runs.
    (1) The drop amount for Hayate J+ equip materials is 3-5pcs for each per run.
    (2) Neica only gives Halloween Coin. So killing her ASAP is not a good idea.
    (3) Treasure Chest does not give Hayate J+ equip mats but sometimes it contains Halloween Coin.

    Q: How many extra run do i need to get enough Hayate J+ equip materials after i completed the event milestone from both solo and multiplay?
    A: Even without doing the EX+, given that you get all the 6 type of the equip materials per run, you may not need an extra run.

    Reference Video
    to follow up
    Note: aaa
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