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[Guide] Sound of the Bells EX (Caris EX)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by XingHa, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. XingHa

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  2. XingHa

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    Sound of the Bells EX+
    Stage Info: http://www.alchemistcodedb.com/quest/qe-ev-veloz-ex01-sp

    Leaded by a bi-gender machine 3-headed dog, the Cerberus, and cronies of 2x AJ7000, 3x Gun Soldierbot, Chihaya and a Light Mandragora. Spawns are Patty, Light Mandragora and 3x Fist Soldierbot (the robots will appear if either the Cerberus dies or an AJ7000 dies).

    Once the 2 AJ7000 dies or the 3 Gun Soldierbot dies, the indestructible walls trapping the Cerberus will get removed. But while trapped, the Cerberus can't do anything.

    Chihaya has a dancing skill that makes certain attacks ineffective. She loves the Dance of Magical Annulment the most. It lowers all of your unit's MAtk for 1 turn.

    The Light Mandragora firstly use stat-related buff/debuff. It didn't live long enough in my run for me to witness it using its other skill such as Major Delay, Major Stop and Major Slow.

    The AJ7000 packs huge HP and damage but it has low Agi. Unlike any other AJ robot, it doesn't have the self install buff thingy.

    The Gun Soldierbot use Paralyzer Gun on its first turn. It will use it again after some time.

    All of the robot is susceptible to Delay and the Gun Soldierbot and the Fist Soldierbot are the only ones susceptible to more ailment like Stop, Petrify, Daze, Death Sentence, etc.

    Last but not the least, had someone check if the Cerberus is also hermaphrodite?

    By the sound of what enemy Chihaya is doing, you might think using magic squad is not a good idea. Well, physical squad is much better but using magic squad is do able.

    Apparently, the f2p Fire physical units are too weak. Reimei is probably the best damaging unit you can have (or Yuto?). It hurts to enlighten a unit like him who have a disappointing damage scaling "0.85 * (PATK + AGI / 2 + AGI * Level / 100 + DEX / 4)". So you won't be getting a very sweet return from the Charge Up. I forgot about Daisy! Im not quiet sure how she fares against Reimei as i've never experienced using a Sacred Spearman.

    A difference story when it comes to our f2p Fire magical units. Lupinus, Emma, Noah, Vivi and Pamela - you have a complete set of Fire magical team that punch serious damage. If you can do something on the enemy Chihaya and the plant, why not go for the Fire magical team?

    The strategy is simple. First phase is not about doing damage but stalling our enemies - using Delay on the AJ robots and using Freeze or Petrify on the Gun Soldierbot. Second Phase is about doing damage and eliminating priority targets. That would be the enemy Chihaya and the plant, then the Cerberus. When Patty and a new plant appears, just eliminate them quickly. Make sure you keep the robots stalled like re-casting Delay or Freeze onto them.

    Reference Video
    Mono-Fire Magic Team

    (1) All quest mission in one run using f2p squad.
    (2) I forgot about Pamela LS but oh well.
    (3) Any Magic Swordsman will do as long as it is tanky.

    Mono-Fire Physical Team

    (1) All quest mission in one run using some limited unit (Eren, Miuna and Eve).
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019

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