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[Guide] Return to the Underworld EX (Jin EX)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by XingHa, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    Return to the Underworld EX
    Stage Info: http://www.alchemistcodedb.com/quest/qe-wa-zin-ex-1

    This is an 11 months old EX so you can basically brute force this stage so easily. What's new is that they put 3 additional quest mission into it. If you have Ramses on his Dragon Cavalier Rudra, he can jump onto the top area with his Rudra Cure to kill those annoying archers.

    Mikoto will appear after x number of turn so don't finish the fight until she appears or you will lose "Kill all enemy" quest mission. She will spawn near your squad's starting area.

    Reference Video

    Note: All quest mission in one run using f2p squad.
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  2. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    Return to the Underworld EX+
    Stage Info: http://www.alchemistcodedb.com/quest/qe-wa-zin-ex-sp-1

    Enemies come into 2 group:
    (1) Lower Ground Enemies - Mountain Lord, 2x Black Knight, Eizan and Suiran, then Mikoto and Ines will appear if the Mountain Lord dies or after x of turn
    (2) Higher Ground Enemies - 3x Green Lizard Archer, 2x Cutthroat Archer and 2x Cutthroat Ninja but one of the Cutthroat Ninja will appear if the Cutthroat Ninja dies or after x of turn

    Mountain Lord has an innate Jewel regen and will use Dragon Voice on its very first turn. The Dragon Voice is a debuff skill that prevents all of your unit from being affected by stat-modifying buff for 3 turns as well as removes stat-modifying buff on all of your unit. The Mountain Lord is only susceptible to Bind, Daze and Delay.

    The Black Knight is susceptible to Delay only.

    Eizan and Suiran will just buff self and allies around. Mikoto and Ines will use Illuminating Purge upon their appearance but there are rare cases one of them do something else like doing normal attack.

    The Cutthroat Archer is notably known for using arrow skills with a Knockback effect. On the other hand, two of these Green Lizard Archers is notorious for using arrow skills with a Delay effect, and one among them uses Heal Rain.

    The Cutthroat Ninja will use Golden Bind first before using other Ninja skill.

    Strategy you used varies on what units you have although the tactic you will use on dealing with the enemies on the top area remains the same. There's 2 f2p squad composition you can choose from but they differ on how you have to deal with the enemies on the lower area.

    Your Spy needs to reach the top area as quickly as possible to dispose of those annoying archers. The Spy is the perfect candidate for the role as it has an ailment protection skill, the Transcendence. An Assassin can do the task but it needs protection from Vaccine.

    These 2 squad composition are:
    (1) Jin (Warrior Gigantes), Hayate (Spy+), Chihaya (Dancer+), and a Chronomancer (Fujika or Rin)
    (2a) Yunagi (Warrior Titan), a Spy (Hayate, Itsuki or Jin), Chihaya (Dancer+), and a Chronomancer (Fujika or Rin)
    (2b) Yunagi (Warrior Titan), a Spy (Hayate, Itsuki or Jin), Hazuki (Professor Aid), and a Chronomancer (Fujika or Rin)
    (1) Chihaya on her Dancer+ plays a significant role by slowing the enemies. The tempo she provides puts your fight on a massive advantage.
    (2) 2b if you don't have Dancer+. Hazuki will prevent your team from getting run down by the enemies through healing.

    For Squad Composition #1:
    During Hayate's 1st turn, he needs to stop at a position wherein he is in reach of Fujika's Overclock. Then, Hayate will move forward and use Transcendence placing himself behind enemy Suiran.

    Chihaya will just spam Leaden Feet Dance for 3 times consecutively. Jin will just stay put during his first turn. Fujika will Quicken herself on her 2nd turn.

    An overclocked Hayate will attack Suiran to get enough Jewel and proceed going to the top area. On Hayate's turn again, use Summon Python Storm against those archers and a bonus damage over the Cutthroat Ninja if Hayate gets the correct positioning beforehand.

    Jin to normal attack the Black Knight on his 2nd turn to get some jewel. Fujika and Chihaya will cast Delay to both Black Knights when the said enemies move forward. Hayate to kill the damaged Cutthroat Ninja. Then, a new Cutthroat Ninja will appear.

    Hayate to normal attack the Green Lizard Archer for jewel and move in a safe distance against the threat of Golden Bind coming from the newly spawned Cutthroat Ninja. Fujika to cast Delay on the Mountain Lord while Chihaya will cast Leaden Feet Dance.

    Jin to use Dark Axe Ignite against the Mountain Lord. Draining the Mountain Lord's jewel will prevent it from using Dragon Voice again for the meantime.

    Fujika to cast Quicken on Chihaya then move southeast as far as she can get.

    Now with enough jewel again, Hayate will use Transcendence to gain ailment protection once again and in the process landing himself near the enemy archer.

    Chihaya to normal attack the Black Knight for jewel then retreat southward as far as she can get. Fujika to keep maintaining distance away from the enemies.

    Chihaya to use The Flowering Spirit to tone down incoming enemy attacks on Jin then keeping to maintain the farthest distance she can reach. The use of The Flowering Spirit is an adjustment move if your Jin is not super duper tanky.

    Hayate to finish off the Green Lizard Archer. Then, Mikoto and Ines will appear with instant 100 CT on them (meaning they will take their turn immediately). If there's other unit with 100 CT during their appearance, the tiebreaker is based on Agi.

    Now that the effect of Dragon Voice wears off, Jin can finally use Gigantes Roar. If Gigantes Roar is used while under the effect of Dragon Voice, Jin will enter Berserk status without getting the +200% PAtk buff. This comes the crucial part - this is a battle of the fittest between Jin and the lower ground enemies. Jin must keep on spinning otherwise the enemies will slaughter him. Lets hope RNG won't screw your Jin.

    While maintaining a safe distance, Chihaya will continue to spam Leaden Feet Dance, while Fujika will remain on standby and monitor Jin's HP. When necessary, use Trick or Treat (gear ability of Halloween Hat) to heal Jin.

    Hayate to use Charge Up and kill the Cutthroat Ninja.

    At this point, the battle should be concluded by now. You may refer to the video below on how things done.

    Reference Video
    Jin, Hayate, Chihaya and a Chronomancer

    Note: All quest mission in one run using f2p squad.

    Jin, Hayate, Chihaya and a Chronomancer (JP run)

    Note: If your Jin is much tougher and have better gear like Wonder Chronos, the run will end up like this.

    Itsuki, Yunagi, Chihaya and a Professor (JP run)

    Slash Team (Auto)

    (1) Auto farming with limited units in the squad. After you complete the event milestone, you need 2-3 more runs to get enough materials for Jin J+.
    (2) If you can make Zahar take his first turn right after Mikoto and Ines appears, much better.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
  3. Neom

    Neom New Member

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    ¿Any new help here to get fast to the archers? All this got Nerf / obsolete with new indestructible walls...
  4. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    - can you make urself clear? anyways, we got a rerun for Hayate J+ which only happens during halloween. get that first before worrying about clearing the EX. Jin EX is permanent in the archive

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