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[Guide] Mobius Tower

Discussion in 'Guides' started by XingHa, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

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    LAYER 1 - 10
    From Layer 1 to 10, you can brute force them.
    Layer 2 is good spot for gold farming using Polin+ or Minerva.
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  2. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

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    LAYER 11
    Layer 11 has these metal rattys blocking the path. The bard uses anti-attack-type debuff and the light plant will use MAtk down and PAtk down on its 2nd and 3rd turn respectively. Rosa with Ninja as main and sub DC JE works great here. Human enemies (Melda, Albea and Shen Mei) only have large hp but dmg is not a threat.

    LAYER 12
    This layer has a minor mechanics but the real deal here is the ailment of a specific enemy has under its sleeve. The water plant (upper mid left) casts Quicken All in exchange for its life. It will skip its first turn and is quiet slow compared to the fast plants we encounter in Veda Tower but has 5k hp. If you got Roxanne, a simple Null Grenade can seal the deal. Do note that this water plant has high evasion rate against missile attack. The other 2 water plant will respawn when you eliminate all(?) the water ratty. These 2 water plant will cast Global Stun and Global Silence if not taken cared of. Other threat is the demon who cast Dead Drop (Global Death Sentence) and the Dark Soldier uses Soul Sacrifice (do at least 1.7k dmg). Using Null Grenade against the demon is a nice idea but the demon has jewel regen (dunno how much jewel the demon needs in order to cast the Dead Drop)

    Reference: (Layer 11 and Layer 12)
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  3. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

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    LAYER 13

    ac11.jpg ac12.jpg ac13.jpg ac14.jpg ac15.jpg ac16.jpg

    There's an easy and simple way of clearing this layer rather than resorting to the usual brute forcing on things. What you need is a chronomancer and another unit with 3ple Hit skill (ex: Triple Edge from Twin Blade Swordsman) as sub. A newbie friendly strat:

    Note: The clear objective of this layer is to reach the top.
    (1) Position your unit rightward (towards the enemy soldier). Make sure your sub unit has enough jewel to cast the 3 hit skill (equip Wanderer's Hat if short on jewel).
    (2) 1st turn, chronomancer will use Quicken on itself first. You don't need to move so that you can save CT since the enemy is reachable with Switch skill from the starting position.
    (3) Switch onto the enemy as shown in the above pictures. Its like laddering your way to the top. Enemies won't approach you nor chase you in order to attack but if beyond reach, they will do so.
    (4) Once swapped places with the farthest enemy on the top. Suicide your chronomancer by whacking that crystal post. Then, your sub unit will take its place.
    (5) Kill that crystal post to clear the way so that you can move on top. The crystal has overall 4 hp (but only receives 1 dmg from a hit) and takes 4 hits to destroy. Just stay at your position after destroying the crystal and end turn.
    (6) Just move top and its done.

    LAYER 14


    A foe you need to watch out is Waginau (stats shown in the above pic) who will cast aoe Stop skill. There were 2 Mage who cast this shield barrier so its best to bring a unit with a cheap aoe skill. Aside from the above mentioned foes, there's really nothing much in this layer.

    Roxanne's Null Grenade can make that Waginau a piece of cake and since it has evasion against missile, combo attack is your most reliable way of killing it. But for those Roxanne-less, you need to bring veiler (just make sure your veiler is distanced from your other unit so it wont get caught of the aoe Stop).

    I used Arber/Albea for shield breaking.
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  4. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

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    LAYER 15

    This layer is consist of enclosed OHKO Demon, stay-put knockback troupe, sacrificial veiler and bear traps (that deals 9999dmg when triggered). The clear condition is to kill all the enemies in the map.

    The demon is entrapped inside an enclosure of unbreakable wall. The only way to destroy the walls is to step onto the red rune (there were 2 of them in the map).

    The demon has 8.8k HP and can be affected with variety of status (i will only list the one i know: Delay, Charm). It has no hp or jewel regen nor any passive resistance.

    05.jpg 06.jpg
    This demon is deadly as it can OHKO a unit with 2k or less hp using its 1 range stomp-like normal attack. Its other attack such as Psychic Blizzard (deals about 700dmg) and Grand Spike (300dmg) is not a threat.

    Its much easier and safer to kill the demon while entrapped. If you don't have Roxanne or Gilgamesh, a spellcaster with Magic Barrier reactive skill will do.

    02.jpg 03.jpg
    The enemies at the left side are specialized at weak-dmging ranged knockback attacks. They are stationary and won't take a single step. Their killing objective is to push your units onto the traps. The knockback troupe has bulk of hp but they had no hp and jewel regen.

    07.jpg 08.jpg 09.jpg
    The soldier's Field Bringer has 2 tiles knockback.
    The Lustburg insect's Knockback Spear has 2 tiles knockback.
    The archer's Knockback Arrow has 1 tile knockback.
    The soldier and insect can't use their knockback attack diagonally.

    Roxanne can make this map easy peasy. Roxanne can deal with the demon with no sweat. Null Grenade is excellent to prevent the knockback troupe from using their knockback attacks (as those attacks consume jewel).

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  5. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

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    12.jpg 13.jpg
    If you don't have Roxanne, Shen Mei will do. Use Jewel Greed to move Shen Mei behind enemy lines. Start killing the archers first then anyone you like.

    Note: That red rune (shown in the above pic) is a key to destroy the unbreakable wall.

    The priest enemy will cast Global Guard [Permanent] after x of turn in exchange for its life. Im not exactly sure what it does but i think its just a status protection spell (i didn't see any stat increment nor a shield like Minerva's but i noticed the Delay i casted on it was gone).


    LAYER 16

    The clear condition of this layer is to kill all enemy. This layer has resistance to specific type of damage except pierce and typeless attack (like Pirate's Maelstrom). The wolf, on the other hand, can inflict status ailment like paralyze.

    It is recommended to compose a team surrounding pierce damage. So Dark Cavalier Rosa is great here for damaging purposes. Gormalas as pair for LS and means to kill the wind Dark Knight - Jewel Greed your way in then Maelstrom as tool for killing. The green crystal gives +MSPD when hit. The green circle thingy will heal for like 1k hp once triggered.

    Once you killed the wind Dark Knight, 4 demons will spawn at the center of the map plus a blue circle thingy. By checking what was that blue circle thingy does will give you a hint on how you will supposedly kill those demons.
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  6. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

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    LAYER 17

    The clear condition of this layer is to destroy those two green crystal. You can cheese this layer so easily using either Minerva's global damage skill or a rushing Spy.

    The violet circle thingy located at the upper left side of the map causes global Daze onto the enemies once triggered. The red circle thingy is your usual damaging Bear Trap.

    For Minerva strat, buff+Alchemia Overload rinse and repeat. That's how simple it is.

    If you use the Spy strat, your first stop destination is the voilet circle. That circle will render all enemy helpless and gives you time to destroy those green crystals. Why Spy? Because it is fast and it has a teleport-like skill that enables you to pass through obstacles like enemies blocking the pathway.


    LAYER 18

    The win condition of this map is to kill the Push Demon (Thunder element) that will spawn after the Light beetle dies (? = or soldiers included).

    The map has a lots of red circle thingy (does 500 dmg), 2 crystal thingy (does 5k dmg), 2 green circle (though the crystal thingy is on top of it each) and a wall. The wall will get removed once the Lightweight Beetle (Light element) dies. To move the crystal thingy on top of the green circle, a skill with knockback effect can do the work (either coming from your unit or from that Push Demon, ahem).

    Except the beetle, everything else are Thunder. Starting enemies were composed of 3 Magic Swordsman, 1 Spearman, 2 Archer, 1 Metal Ratty and 1 Lightweight Beetle. Later spawn is a Push Demon.

    The Magic Swordsman does what a regular MS would do - either hit you with the counter-element attack or petrify you.

    Nothing special with the Spearman and the Archer.
    The Metal Ratty wll use its favorite - Immobilizing Kiss.

    The Lightweight Beetle can use Dive attack, frontal swing and some attacks i couldn't recall.

    The Push Demon (with 15k hp) specializes in knockback attacks. It will attempt to push your unit onto the red circle for an extra 500 dmg. Once 40% or 50% HP threshold, it will use Mystic Summoning that grants Slash Resistance Up, summons 1 Thunder Ratty and 4 robots. The robots will cast resistance to a certain type of attack (except Strike-type attack).

    It is best to organize a squad with Strike-type attack plus a Hayate for status protection. Also, it is advisable to immediately dispose the melee soldiers to minimize HP loss.

    As for the Push Demon, there are 2 ways to deal with it:
    (a) Charge Up + SBT - lower the demon's HP down to 75% or 60% first prior to bypass the Mystic Summoning
    (b) hide behind the crystal thingy (the one on the top) and let the demon damages not just you alone but the crystal thingy as well
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  7. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

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    LAYER 19

    You need to understand this layer, otherwise, it will give you difficulty next to impossibleness.

    Enemies are composed of two groups: robots on the left side and rattys on the upper right side.

    Left Enemies
    1st Batch
    1x Cerberus - deal serious damage but can be inflicted with Daze and Bind. will only move 1 square on its 1st turn
    3x Robot Hound
    2nd Batch
    3x AJ500 Beta (Wind/Fire/Thunder) - it got a reactive skill that gives global, robo-exclusive heal+buff each time it gets hit (including hits from reactive skill like Turn the Table, Revenge, Counterattack)
    1x AJ7000 (Thunder) - non-threatening if not buffed

    Right Enemies
    1st Batch
    4x Fire Ratty
    1x Water Ratty - this specific ratty will just walk 1 by 1 square until it reaches the red rune. once it get its hand onto that red rune, it will cast Meteor of Life (an AOE instant death spell) in exchange of its life
    2nd Batch:
    4x Water Ratty
    : The ratty's spell attack (single target, no AOE) hurts esp if you don't have the right defense against it (even Mia with Magic Barrier+ will still die). iLlyasviel can tank them just fine (excluding normal attack though) but she is slow and lacks damage. Roxanne is excellent at this as she can survive just fine. A very high chance that one of the Fire Ratty's fire attack will miss (if all hits, Roxanne will die). Takes 2x Alchemia Burst Round to clean the Fire Rattys. Once all Fire Ratty is taken care of, Water Rattys will replace the deads. At this point, Roxanne will be out of danger due to elemental advantage.

    You need to one-shot all AJ500 Beta at once to make things easy. Spica in her Dragon Cavalier JE is the excellent choice for the job.
    As for the ratties, you can't just use any mage because it might not survive.


    Credits to @Oriks

    LAYER 20

    The easiest way to deal with this layer. Kill all 4 simultaneously so to no spawn.

    You need to position them properly. Albea1 south of center blue circle. Albea 2 is north of leftmost blue circle. Rahu anywhere near Albea1. Rosa should be near around blue circle. Don't screw with the turn order or the fire ratty will start moving and OHKO attempt will fail.
    (1) Rahu>Overclock>Albea1
    (2) Albea1>Blue Circle>attack demon
    (3) Albea2>dont move+end turn
    (4) Rosa>move to the spot 2 tiles in front of Albea1>Vritra Cross>demon+2 far side ratty
    (5) Overclocked Albea1>Nitro Charge
    (6) Rahu>you can do anything you want
    (7) Vritra Cross will hit
    (8) Albea2>move to blue circle just south of her>attack the left far ratty
    (9) Albea>Bombshell
    Note: I'll edit this to make this properly.


    Credits to @cherob
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019

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