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[Guide] Happy Lunar Year! Eizan's Traditional Wadatsumi Game

Discussion in 'Guides' started by XingHa, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

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    The clear condition of this stage is to either push the two ratty into the goal area (like a soccer game) or when the time limit ends. The goal area is inside that unbreakable wall (being in-line doesn't count!) - the small area where Eizan starts. The time limit is around 8 turns based on Referee Ratty's turn - if it ticks to 0, the game ends.
    Note: (a) as you can see from the video above, i screwed up because i pushed the other ratty in a wrong inlet; (b) the New Year Coin is used as evolve shards for the gear Hagoita (or the Lunar New Year give-away gear)

    There are 2 ball ratty (yeah, lets call it "ball" from here onwards) on the map. One is fixated on the center while the other one is randomized. Kicking them towards the goal will give you coin each and a victory.

    Eizan, btw, is not a goal keeper. Though he will try to slow you down but he never messes with our ball. It has a reactive skill that pushes a unit away (by 2 tiles or more[?]) and also trigger by skill usage not just the usual normal attack. Killing Eizan will only give you a normal loot. If you're not strong enough to kill it, you can let it be.

    As for Suzuka and Chihaya, they are too weak for you to worry except Chihaya's flying kiss. So if you are using a unit with damage-inflicting reactive skill, it may be wise to let Suzuka kill herself to save CT. And kill Chihaya before her 2nd turn.

    Two Demon (Light element) will spawn if you hit or damage Eizan[?]. I didn't manage to kill it so i don't know what it drops but most likely a normal loot based on the Loot info.
    Edit Note: just normal loot for the demon

    Belta is already enough as your striker. You bring a fast female unit that either a Wind element (avoid bringing Water!) or has Wind-element attack for killing purposes.

    Who is Belta btw? Here: http://www.alchemistcodedb.com/jp/unit/belta#profile
    Belta was replaced by a "Hooded Figure". There's actually no need to conceal her.
    Belta in Action:

    Info on Belta's sub skill:
    1st Skill: the "front" means pushed towards the direction of shooting
    2nd Skill: "back" means pushed away (direction opposite where the shot came from)
    3rd Skill: "left" means pushed towards left the direction of shooting (ex: Belta is facing the enemy at a distance and the enemy is facing at Belta as well. Belta fires a shot, then the enemy will be pushed left from Belta's view or towards right from the enemy's view)
    4th Skill: "right" means pushed towards right the direction of shooting
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