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Grand Opening Giveaway with $15 Reward!

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & Events' started by NeoCHI, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. dan

    dan New Member

    Likes Received:
    Nice forum guys! I found it as the top result in Google while trying to find a forum for this game!
    However, I think you should add somewhere (maybe in the footer of the forum) that this isn't an official forum. Especially, since the official forum doesn't exist anymore (I found the link to the official forum in the game's description on Google Play store).

    P.S. there's a typo in the first post. It currently says:
    I think it should be "Be among the first 1k" or "Be among the first 1000" and not 1000k :p
    nickjr and WeikerX like this.
  2. WeikerX

    WeikerX Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Appreciate the input dan! We'll definitely take a look into this.
    dan likes this.

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