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Gate 6 Preparation

Discussion in 'General' started by XingHa, May 16, 2020.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    We might get the 6th Gate enlightenment upgrade on November or earlier (depending on Gumi's haste). Gate 6 does not just provide stats but improvement on the unit's skills as well. Gate 2 passive like of Spica, Rosa and Cadanova will be revamped from +Jump Attack to +All Attack.

    I would just like to make clear that new units (such as Tifaleth & other new POTK units, recent JP collab like Naofumi, Everica & other new limited) and genesis units (since majority of them are top tier) are not included in the topic.

    For Gate 6, we need 110 soul shards and some new materials just like when Gate 4 & Gate 5 was introduce:
    - 110 soul shards
    - 80 flags
    - 80 Statue of Greed
    - 80 crystal (the bar is getting higher. for Gluttony and Wrath, 20 each gate)
    - 2 Retribution of Sin
    - 2 Void of Deadly Sin (a new version of Sin)

    So you may want to farm the soul shards of the units you like as early as now whenever there is 2x drop rate.

    Ultimately, the question is who?

    - she rise from sinking with the love she gets. in JP, she is 1 tier below compared to the strongest (the tier where Neun, Seiba and most of the genesis units hover)
    Leafah - she became even useful with the J+ the last valentine event in JP

    - he is finally free from being useless. he gets a real dragon mount and not just dragon rider in name. though you will be needing his new memento to extract his strength
    Chihaya - no questions ask
    Daisy - even though she has been powercreeped by genesis unit and Escanor in the Fire department, she is still very strong. but it is now (during gate 5 era) noticeable that she is started to fall short in extreme damage without the Charge Up
    Emma - like other units who have a Diviner job, Emma still remains with low HP even during Gate 6 (7k). otherwise, if you partner Diviner job with high HP, it will make the job broken in PVP. because if you cannot OHKO the Diviner, you are guarantee to die when it retaliates
    Hazel - thanks to the J+ that makes her useable. she got her Master Ability revamped
    Kaya - there's not plenty of job who can hit mid-air targets (the Jump-ing ones)
    Noah - she is good against Wind and she will still remain your Professor if you don't have Fury

    - just like Gerald, his normal Gun Spearman job is outdated. but he get his J+ during the White Day event in JP
    Selena - the great meme of the 6th gate enlightenment

    - Lu Bu gets some adjustment on his skills. he is still very strong and imagine if his J+ arrive

    - she just got the best love we could ever wish. her Dual Rays is now PDef scaling and this is on top of permanent stackable Agi buff. also, she got Sacred Spearman JE
    Kanon - she just recently get her J++ and finally she have now a ranged diamond AOE on her kit
    Neica - she is incredibly strong but the noticeable shortcoming that is very obvious are her casting time and primarily she is short on charges. her G6 update improves these charges from 2 to 4 but the casting time problem still remains
    Seiba - no questions ask
    Spica - she was denied of Gate 4 & Gate 5 and has been out of use since her stardom during the early gates. but unlike Gumi GL, JP has a huge plan for her. not long ago she receives her JE+
    Suzuka - no questions ask

    - the greatest love she gets is on her Bloody Rose. the PAtk increase is a permanent gain. not to mention an armor that resembles the one equipable on Zahar and Sabareta
    Lunaris - if you are planning to raise her, get her memento! the Move +1 is just huge to ignore
    Neun - no questions ask
    Sol - Chrollo Lucifer is experiencing outdatedness on his Truthsayer job. he get his J+ along with his 6th gate
    Zahar - he became the ultimate definition of a glass cannon. normally, we get 100k from either Charge Up or exploiting elemental weakness or dead allies. but Zahar get his by himself alone.

    These units just simply keeps falling down or get an ugly update:
    Chloe has just been removed from the list due to recent update (June 1st week) on her. Dual Rays is now PDef scaling. Also, she got her Sacred Spearman JE.
    Vettel - if Vettel doesn't get his JE+, then consider him done
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2020 at 7:37 AM
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  2. ganmbit

    ganmbit Member

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    Question: I have seen Shayna's Wiki on JP TAC DB, do you think she worth the price for her G6? And yeah, one of the G6 Pictures suggests her already get her G6...

    Note: Too bad that Chloe is the only Hayamin Character that is bad in Gacha Games now... (*Sees How Good AK Pramanix is*)
  3. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    - i haven't seen her G6 jp review so i don't have an idea yet

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