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Ganmbit's Theory: Logi could use Kagutsuchi????

Discussion in 'General' started by ganmbit, Jul 8, 2019.


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  1. ganmbit

    ganmbit Member

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    BTW, No Spoilers that I will make here, this is just 100% assumption based on genetics and else that I knew.

    This theory stands as, "Logi(the fool or I called him "Logoblog") could use Kagutsuchi???". Maybe yes and maybe not for this theory alone.

    How about the "yes" part? He is came from direct Crowley bloodline, unlike Dios and Agatha which "adopted" by Zeke.

    In that Nensou of Dios the fool(Or I called him, Diosblog) shows us that Kagura is exist in a "Crowley Family" group buff. There is only one way that she could join the Crowley and that's by marriage.

    It could be that Kagura marry with someone from Crowley bloodline, which was the nearest is "Bud". There is no other way else than marriage since Wadatsumi and Envylia is not near based on geography. Wadatsumi is an island in the map while Envylia is a part of the south western of Babel Continent.

    This could leave an assumption of Logi could use Kagutsuchi also Zeke does. Even though the situation is like that, the chances are low enough for them to master the "art of the holy bird of Kagutsuchi".

    If my assumption is true, then Logi will have some another "Fire-Light Element" based attack. Both Logi and Zeke also blessed with "Alchemia" by Ouroboros, which just maybe could make them master the art of Kagutsuchi easier but I just don't know how big the chances are.

    Remember that some genetical trait will go less stronger and less as the generation goes on, especially when we spoke about magics and some "fantasy" heritage, Kagutsuchi is one of them. What's make the chances more low? They are living in Envylia(could be) since then and make their "wadatsumi" generation part decrease as the time goes on. From 1/2 wadatsumi 1/2 envylia to 1/4 wadatsumi 3/4 envylia and so on.

    There is a code of "stronger" and "lesser" part in genetics and we don't know if Zeke and Logi gets the "stronger" or "lesser" part of Wadatsumi bloodline part which allows them to use the Kagutsuchi.

    These alone will nulling their chances to master the art but not nulling their chance to use them, because one or two genetical circumstances.

    What I could tell is there is a CHANCE for Logi and Zeke also the Unknowns(that are the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren(and so on) of Bud) to learn the art of Kagutsuchi and inherit them from generations to generations, but maybe it is not done by them or they are not going to do that.

    What if Logi awares of this and he decides to search the power of Kagutsuchi? Well, he needs to give almost all of his life to master the art and end the war once and for all, even with the blessing of Ouroboros, he still need much more training to master the art itself, unlike his "great great great grandma", Kagura(If it's true that Kagura marries Bud). He has the power but not enough amount to master it quickly but maybe the quality will compromise as he trains more. All he need is someone who could use the power of Kagutsuchi(to teach him), maybe finding the wadatsumi palace and search for his "great great great great grandpa's" things?

    How about Dios and Agatha or some unknowns that only became part of the lineage due to marriage to a certain crowley family member? They won't have a chance to learn them... I mean, "the husband or wife of the crowley family member and their previous(father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandma, grandpa, else) or same(siblings, cousins) generation not after(biological children only, adopted children and cousins are out from "could use Kagutsuchi" list).".

    Answering the question, Dios and Agatha aren't genetically connected to the Royal Wadatsumi Lineage(the source of Kagutsuchi power), unlike Logi which he does.

    How about the representation of the Lineage that we knew from Sacred Stone Memories and else? Well:
    1. Logi could be the "Kagura" part
    2. Dios could be the "Kudanstein"(both are consumed by the power of darkness) and "Nimul" part
    3. Agatha could be the "Kanon" and "Emmel" part (all of them almost similiar)

    Well these things are just theory and assumptions based on the data and story part that I knew, maybe seeking more spoilers and things as the time goes on.

    Let me take one catchphrase from MatPat....


    (Reference and other infos)

    This is the assumed genealogy and that's not official, I don't know how many generations has been passed from Bud to Zeke, maybe 3, 4, 5, or even more due to "young marriage" could be popular in the Babel world too....

    (Logoblog is short term for: Logi goblog
    Diosblog is short term for: Dios goblog
    "goblog" or "goblok" is Indonesian slang of "fool", "stupid" or the words that have the same terms with this... Logi has amount of foolishness that his brother(Dios) has but still smarter than him)

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  2. ganmbit

    ganmbit Member

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    To simplify all of this...

    The only rule for Crowleys is:

    "As long as they are genetically/biologically connected to the Royal Wadatsumi Bloodline, they are valid to learn the art of using Kagutsuchi. But, they are not that valid to master it in the same time as Kagura or her ascendants does."

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