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Game master messing with my game?

Discussion in 'Rants & Accomplishments' started by Kaffie, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Kaffie

    Kaffie New Member

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    I was soloing floor 15 because for some reason I don't find teammates and after I killed 3 knights and 2 spearmen they started to move as to target push me in the trap pit.
    I know that the mobs are programmed to not move cause if they did we would just lure them out away from the trap and kill them . The only explanation I can find is that a gamemaster came to mess with my game which is frankly... L A M E.
    You want to PvP have the nuts to come with equal power group in balanced environment not pick up fights with complete advantage.
  2. Tarothin

    Tarothin New Member

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    Mobs can be programmed to stay still until certain conditions are met, common ones are when other mobs have been killed or if a certain number of turns have passed. There's no one out there messing with your game.
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