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[Etrian Odyssey] Multiplayer Owl Drop Item

Discussion in 'Arena & Quests' started by XingHa, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    With the exception of Episode 5, killing the Owl gives huge amount (45pcs) of EO job equip mats. So lets find what this Owl drops in different stages.

    Episode 1
    Normal: 8pcs Death Gauntlet, 8pcs Fencer Boots, 6pcs Old Pocket Watch, 2pcs Great Axe, 2pcs Dagger, 2pcs Elemental Belt, 2pcs Goggles Piece, 2pcs Javelin, 2pcs Saber Piece
    Owl: 45pcs Death Gauntlet, or 45pcs Fencer Boots

    Episode 2

    Normal: 8pcs Sovereign Armor, 8pcs Dragon Scale, 6pcs Orihalcum Blades, 4pcs Great Axe, 4pcs Knight Chess Piece, 4pcs Mage's Hat, 4pcs Magus Hood, 4pcs Platinum Katar, 4pcs Research Notebook, 4pcs Wonder Scope, 2pcs Traveler's Key
    Owl: 45pcs Sovereign Armor, or 45pcs Dragon Scale

    Episode 3

    Normal: 8pcs Lightweight Artifact, 8pcs Harbringer Pinion, 6pcs Gear Rod, 6pcs Glass Pen, 4pcs Star Staff, 2pcs Picmy Figurine, 2pcs Skull Rod
    Owl: 45pcs Lightweight Artifact, or 45pcs Harbringer Pinion

    Episode 4

    Normal: 8pcs Fencer Dress, 8pcs Miasma Leather, 6pcs Saint's Robe, 4pcs Knight Chess Piece
    Owl: 45pcs Fencer Dress, or 45pcs Miasma Leather

    Episode 5

    Normal/Owl: 8pcs Sovereign Armor, 8pcs Devil's Waistgarb, 6pcs Flame Emperor Armor, 6pcs Old Pocket Watch, 6pcs Saint's Robe, 6pcs Sacred Fur Coat, 4pcs Knight Chess Piece, 6pcs Magus Hood, 2pcs Picmy Figurine

    How many do we need to farm?
    Sovereign Armor
    : 80x3 = 240pcs
    Fencer Boots: 80x3 = 240*2 = 480pcs
    Lightweight Artifact: 80x3 = 240pcs
    Fencer Dress: 80x3 = 240pcs
    Death Gauntlet: 80x3 = 240pcs
    Harbringer Pinion: 80x3 = 240pcs
    Miasma Leather: 80x3 = 240pcs
    Dragon Scale: 80x3 = 240pcs
    Devil's Waistgarb: 80x3 = 240pcs
    Note: As you can see, there's no 45pcs drop of Devil's Waistgarb.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019

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