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[Etrian Odyssey] Gunner Soul Shards Farming

Discussion in 'Arena & Quests' started by XingHa, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    Q1: AP wise, which is the best stage to farm?
    A1: Episode 5 of course. Though, once you reach on both 240pcs Dancer Costume Diagram Piece and 480pcs Gunner Jacket, you may want switching farming stage to accommodate farm of unique job equip while farming for the remaining Gunner Soul Shards that you still need.

    Q2: For Ep5, is it worth the trouble setting my roster to include the extra Petaloids on my farm menu?
    A2: Nope. The abysmal extra Gunner Soul Shard isn't worth the time and effort. Simply put, you can ignore those extra Petaloids. Rather, i would suggest netting for 6 Gunner Soul Shards.

    Lets check out:
    Ep1 (8AP): 1 Gunner Soul Shard
    Ep2 (10AP): 2 Gunner Soul Shard
    Ep3 (12AP): 2-3 Gunner Soul Shard
    Ep4 (14AP): 3-5 Gunner Soul Shard
    Ep5 (16AP): 4-6 Gunner Soul Shard
    (1) The first treasure chest is the one containing Gunner Soul Shards so its easy to manipulate the RNG (the unit must be the fastest and with at least Move 4).
    (2) As for Episode 5, there will be up to 4 extra Petaloid that will appear depending on Alraune's HP loss. It has different HP threshold and 1 Petaloid will appear per threshold. In short, you need to lower Alraune's HP down to 10% to get all 4 Petaloid. If you want extra loot (tested, it dropped me 1 Gunner Soul Shard but those Petaloids has poor drop rate), avoid OHKO the mother plant. You need to tone down the damage output of your roster.

    Q3: With all the milestone farming, do the soul shards it give will max out Gunner or there will still additional farming to be done?
    A3: Sadly, my Gunner only reach max Lv82.

    Lets see:
    120/5 = 24*16 = 384AP
    100/5 = 20*16 = 320AP
    75/5 = 15*16 = 240AP
    For sample #1, its 384AP needed to waste to max out Gunner from Lv80. Yeah, im not using her yet im gonna max LB her.
    Note: 120 Gunner Soul Shard is the maximum i set as a sample but in my case, im short on 75 Gunner Soul Shard to reach MLB.

    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
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