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[Etrian Odyssey] Fencer Soul Shards Farming

Discussion in 'Arena & Quests' started by XingHa, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    Q1: AP wise, which is the best stage to farm?
    A1: Undoubtedly, Episode 3 is the best place to farm.

    Lets check out:
    Ep1 (8AP): 1 Fencer Soul Shard
    Ep3 (10AP): 2-4 Fencer Soul Shard
    Ep5 (16AP): 2-7 Fencer Soul Shard
    : (a) only the normal version of the stage; (b) Ep2 and Ep4 does not give Fencer Soul Shards

    Q2: Ep3 will end when enemy Chloe dies. Is the stage auto friendly?
    A1: It can be auto-ed although a setup with specific requirement is needed. If you can't meet the required setup, then farm Ep5 instead.

    ac31.jpg ac32.jpg ac33.jpg ac34.jpg
    Note: Image 1 shows their starting position and respective corresponding slot in the party. Image 2 shows unit has to be in that specific spot in order to reach the right enemies. Image 3 shows Move 5 can reach the Treasure Chest and Vritra Leap reaching the far enemies. Image 4 shows Bombshell can reach those far enemies and there's no need for Move+1 (if you are using Albea) so any Machinist will do.

    Slot 1: should have at least 5 Move (ex: Ninja) and should have higher Agi than Slot 2 and Slot 4. if your unit don't have the capability to kill the farther enemy, Slot 2 or 4 should be a killer (see Slot 2 & 4 for what needs to bring)
    Slot 3: should have 4 Move and should have higher Agi than Slot 2 and Slot 4. have the capability to kill the Water Mandragora and Balloon Momonga both at the same time. lesser Move (like 3) will deny your unit the angle to attack while greater Move (like 5) will make your unit attack the northern enemies instead our desired target
    Slot 2 & 4: Agi should be lower than Slot 1 and Slot 3. if you don't have Ninja Rosa with Rudra Sub, a Machinist with Bombshell is needed to kill the 2 enemy in the far opposite side
    Note: Doesn't matter whether Slot 1 have higher Agi than Slot 3 or vice versa.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
  2. scr@wny

    scr@wny New Member

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    Is it even worth farming her? Just saying
  3. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    She's weak and farming her Soul Shards to LB him from Lv75 is literally a waste of AP. Im not planning to use or build Fencer. She will just be in my collection.

    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019

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