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Edel's Suzuka Review

Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Edel’s Ice, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Edel’s Ice

    Edel’s Ice Member

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    in my personal studio at home
    [​IMG] Howi, I wanted to do a unit review because it sounded fun and there aren't too many of them around. I got help from a friend to make this. He is an experienced GL player so my info on JP version isnt that good. I will do my best to satisfy both. hopefully o.o
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  2. Edel’s Ice

    Edel’s Ice Member

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    in my personal studio at home

    Element: Light
    Rarity: 5 Stars.
    Leader Skill: 50% Patk to all light units in party.

    Summon: in the main pool. not event/collab exclusive
    Shard Availability: hard mode([Hard] Ch 1: Ep 3 [3-9] Unsaveable Heart) and in main gacha.
    Master Ability: cute is superior,
    AGI +10 HP +150. 100% counter proc with no berserk.

    Gear Ability: none as of yet.
    Job enhancements: Dark Cavalier (Guernica), Ninja JE (忍者【青龍】) (JP)
    (JP) Unit enlightment: yes, can reach and limit break to 91. for more information about the stat changes on her level 91 follow this link: http://www.alchemistcodedb.com/jp/unit/suzuka#unlock-door

    Primary Stats

    Type Min Max
    85 | 456
    PATK 49 | 182
    PDEF 22 | 81
    MATK 37 | 134
    MDEF 25 | 91
    DEX 41 | 150
    AGI 54 | 96
    CRIT 44 | 162
    LUCK 43 |154

    [​IMG] J1 Samurai [​IMG] J3 Ninja [​IMG] J3 Dark Cavalier

    Suzuka is not really a free unit but she is ancient so a lot people should already have her. She has a great leader skill 50% Patk for all your light units. Also being light element means she can attack any other elements fine which is great with her jobs and kit, She is supposed to be built around being a glass kanon type unit.
    With the jobs available Suzuka shines a lot when she gets her 3rd job (her shards can be farmed, I see why not.). Now with the controversy between J1 and J2, J1 is the worse option in my opinion. J2 is better than J1.
    For her pvp gear primarily should be aimed at: AGI first then Patk, her next priority would be some HP, everything else is not as important but optional.
    As to which map play style she fits in PVE or PVP, I slightly lean towards more PVP, PVE she needs support to make her stable and she is even more harder to use in multi-play, nowadays units with divine shelter or have some bulk are better to use in PVE than glass kanons.

    (jp): she gets her enlightment so can reach level 91, she also has ninja job enhancement and Dark cav enhancements.

    I will further discuss other details below.

    Jobs and Recommendation:
    samurai: as a main job it is not recommended. has lower Patk than her other jobs but has above average agi compared to every other jobs in the game. The reason why its not the best job is because of the skills you get from samurai. main skills is a bit underwhelming/okay, subskill sucks. The reactive Tsubamegaeshi is as good as avenger(without master ability). The passives are pretty good in my opinion for the newer Suzukas out there but not the best.
    -watching flow: Patk +20% and crit +50% buff for 3 turns and cost 6. It is not a really strong buff, needs skills that has crit chance to abuse it. Cheap cost is cute.

    -[​IMG]drawing slash has 3 lateral squares, 1 range, 115% mod, 2 height, 3 charges, 24 cost. This is one the better skills that has a small AOE of 3 spaces front of you. 24 cost isn't bad, but it cost a little too much for a low 115% damage mod.

    -[​IMG]Steel cutting blade ST (single target) 150% mod, 1 range, 2 height, 3 charges and 32 cost with Pdef pierce and does 50% more damage to metal enemies. A good modifier with pierce Pdef it is very useful sometimes. In tough maps like Ex this skill is sometimes dangerous to use because more than likely you will get swarmed and possibly get killed. But I do admit it is great to take out metal ratty in farm quests.

    -[​IMG]steel cutting flash has 3 range single line skill that can hit 3 enemies, has 150% mod,
    1 charge, 2 height, pierce Pdef, 50% extra damage to metal enemies with 48 cost.
    first of all.. 48 cost.. This is dumb. everything is the same as steel cutting blade with exception that it is 3 range, the extra 16 cost isn't worth it.

    -Subskills are not really worth mentioning, all:
    30% debuffs to certain stats for 3 turns, 1 range, 2 height, 3 uses, 16 cost. Hits as hard as basic attack if not weaker. 30% stat debuff is not bad but it is endangering her safety which is a no go in most cases.

    [​IMG]reactive: Tsubamegaeshi: 25% to counter on being basic attacked with 100% mod. A bit bad for a counter but better than no reactive and it is also better than ninja's poison fog.

    Samurai passives are good for new players and for those who have samurai as one of their jobs.
    -Single blade: Patk +50%, agi -20%, evasion -5. A good passive with +50% atk, which has the potential to give roughly 200 to 400 more Patk to any job depending on how much it is scaling but the -20% agi is really hard to fix because not many things can boost agi to compensate -20% agi.

    -enhance counter: Pdef +20%, counter damage +50. not actually a bad passive. If you have a 100% counter. the Pdef +20% it is quite good.

    Ninja: as a main job is a bit better than samurai in PVE and for PVP it's her best job out of the 3, it is just in small arena maps her agi and Patk is very scary, as most times she gets in and one shot every squishy and mediocre bulk opponents with her dark and light element retribution blade from the dark cav subskill. Has higher Patk than samurai and has the highest agi by a quite a big amount compared to her other jobs, also has the highest move out of the 3, move 4 being great. ninja main skills is a bit lacking for her main job, but it has good status infliction to those susceptible. the subskill is a little weak but it has range and four elements she can target. her reactive is trash, chance to poison for 3 turns and should't be needed to explain any further. The passive ninja stealth is a really good utility skill, granting 5 move on her ninja if equipped. overall niche main skill and subskill. great passive utility.
    -Utsusemi grants user +20 evasion for 3 turns, 3 charges, 10 cost. niche skill cost 10 it's cheap, compared to twin blade swordsman evasion buff which cost 14 more for +5 evasion, ninja’s is better. Not reliable evasion on it’s own but it’s there.

    -Smoke Bomb AOE blind 3x3 around self, 5 charges, cost 10. Bad skill don't use it. Blind is a really weak status ailment on Alchemist Code.

    -venom blade, viper blade, tranquilizing blade, shadow stitch, golden bind: 75% mod, 1 range, 1 height, 3 charges, 30 cost. all causes status in the same order: poison, paralysis, sleep, bind, stop. All are great skills to use to slow down or disable enemies. With low mods these skills are not meant to kill. 1 height and 1 range means you have to get close, but with ninja's jump, move and agi you could get in on an important target quite easily.

    -subskills: -[​IMG]shuriken: ST 110% mod, 4 range, 2 height, 5 charges, 25 cost, has chance to critical. a weak mod with a chance to crit. I dont recommend you using this skill because most times than not your basic attack hits higher, it's niche with that 4 range but it’s high cost of 25, which could be used for a more useful skill.

    -fire seal, thunder seal, water seal, wind seal: all have ST 120% Patk mod, 4 range, 2 height, 2 charges, 20 cost. Low modifier elemental 4 range skill that when used against on effective elements hits harder than your basic attack, but using neutral element sometimes the damage is worse and you are better off using a basic attack. Good range and cost less than shuriken.

    -reactive: poison fog: 25% chance to inflict poison. this reactive is one of the more bad ones. 25% chance is quite low for the reward. in arena it's almost useless because the battle is too fast. never use this one if you have other options.

    -passives: ninja stealth is a very good utility passive that gives 1+ move and 1+jump. every job/unit could use this passive. Good in both PVE and PVP, allowing more roam and spacing.
    never a useless passive.
    Dark Cavalier: as a main job is the best for PVE and for PVP it's a bit weaker because of the low agi. It doesn't help that her long range skills are kind of a bit limited in arena. On stats Dark Cav has the highest Patk but it isn't a big difference, Agi is about average but it's noticeable when compared to other her other jobs. The main skills on Dark Cav is really good, chunks a lot HP from the main boss(especially if light or dark element boss), also good to clear smaller enemies on the map. Dark cav subskill is great for all her jobs in general, but it is a must for her ninja job. you can use ninja subskill on dark cav as an option but more times than not your other skills do more damage. Avenger reactive on its own is her one of her best reactive but with master ability it becomes even better with 100% proc rather than 25% and has 110% mod, 10% higher. For passives she has the infamous overdrive to abuse on all of her jobs and when paired with enhance counter it nearly cancels out her Pdef stat she lost. pitch-black blood line is an okay passive, not as useful as enhance counter in my opinion.
    Main:-[​IMG]reaper's echo ST 75% mod, 1 range, 2 height, 3 charges, 16 cost, 25% chance to inflict death sentence. Low mod, bad range, cost 16 jewels, low chance of status. A bad skill, even if they are susceptible to death sentence the chance is very low. don't use.

    -[​IMG]Dark Bringer: 110% mod with dark element, AOE 3 lateral and horizontal cross, 3 range, 1 height, 5 charges, 36 cost. low modifier(high damage coming from a dark cav), with has nice AOE that can hit 5 targets, this is equivalent to hitting multiple enemies with a bit stronger basic attack from 3 range away, which puts you in a somewhat safe distance. cost 36 which is quite a bit but for the effect it is worth it.

    -[​IMG]Evil Slash: 125% mod with dark element, hits all enemies in cardinal direction within 1 range, 3 height, 3 charges, 36 cost, 20% hp cost. an average mod for an AOE skill(high damage coming from a dark cav), the problems are the limited range and the 36 cost with 20% HP cost, it is a bit too much, situational and not very used often.

    -[​IMG]Soul Sacrifice: 145% mod with dark element, AOE 3 lateral and horizontal cross, 3 range, 2 height, 3 charges, 50 cost, 30% HP cost, +5% damage for each dead ally. A high mod for an AOE skill, about the same as Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon but dark element instead of thunder and AOe is smaller . Technically the Dark cav's strongest skill and the best, devastating and will chunk any light element enemy's HP. Having AOE utility makes it more worth the cost. 30% HP cost is quite big, Requires caution before use.

    -[​IMG]Juggernaut: ST 150% mod, 1 range, 1 height, 1 charges, 66 cost, force berserk(curable with pancea/spell) on self for 3 turns and permanently buffs own Patk/Matk +30% and Pdef/Mdef -15%. A high ST mod which sadly has no dark element, comes with a buff/debuff (think of it as a permanent assault buff without the crit). A rarely used skill that cost a high amount of jewels, without any gear that gives jewels it would take a few basic attacks to use and needs planning. When paired with overdrive this skill puts you under a lot of danger and with Dark cav's agi you would more than likely die after using it, needs serious support from allies and agi passives to make use of.

    Subskill: -[​IMG]blood drain: absorbs HP 100% mod [range: 5, height: 3, Charge: 3, Cost: 12, Cast time: 360]. A weak mod that uses Matk, very slow cast time and low damage/heal amount. Too slow and bad to use.

    -[​IMG]jewel drain: absorbs jewels 100% mod, formula: sqrt(Damage) * 2
    range: 5, height: 3, Charge: 3, Cost: 12, Cast time: 360. a skill that is more useful than blood drain, at most can drain around 32 jewels. only problem is cast time. usable in some situations like draining jewels while moving around. against enemies with high Mdef you would lose jewels than you would gain.

    -Assault: raises own PATK +30% and CRIT +30%, but lowers PDEF/MDEF -15% for 3 turns.
    A good buff for Patk. If with overdrive makes it harder you to survive.

    -[​IMG]Retribution Blade: 3 range single line skill that can hit 3 enemies, 125%-140 % mod,
    3 charge, 1 height, 32 cost, deals more damage the lower your remaining hp. The best skill of Dark cav sub. great mod that hits quite hard, no dark element but it is still good. 32 cost isnt bad. recommend to use this skill.

    -reactive: [​IMG]Avenger: 100% mod, 25% proc, 1 range, 1 height, has 25% chance to inflict berserk on self. average mod for a counter(high damage coming from a dark cav). the chances of the counter happening is quite low 1 in 4 and the 25% berserk chance that comes with although uncommon to happen it will make your unit uncontrollable. better than no reactive.

    -passives: -Overdrive: raises PATK/MATK + 50% and lowers PDEF/MDEF -25%. The infamous Overdrive. A must passive for almost all physical attackers. 50% Patk is huge on a Dark cav, more likely boost own Patk stat to 200 or more. The PDEF/MDEF reduction will make the unit into a glass kanon or will make them lose a lot of the bulk they once had, it's different for every unit.
    If I as to compare Single Blade to Overdrive, I rate Overdrive higher. Agi is quite hard to fix but Pdef/Mdef isn't too hard.

    -pitch-black blood line: Reduces HP cost -50 for skills that consume HP & raises Max HP +15%.
    The hp cost reduction is niche on it's own, cutting the hp cost by about 50%, great for soul sacrifice and only for that skill, evil slash does cost 20% hp but you rarely use that skill.
    The HP +15%(Ver. 2.0 FTW! o.o ) however made this passive more viable, not bad if you are using a different job other than dark cav and wish for some extra HP. overall a good versatile passive.

    With the introduction of JE for light and dark cavaliers, Suzuka has gotten more stable stats for her Dark Cav job. But even with all of that she still needs team support, her agi is still average and with the glass kanon build she becomes slow, but her boss killing potential is pretty good. (subject to change because of Ninja JE, if ninja JE is out scroll down to JP suzuka).

    Dark Cavalier Guernica:
    Screenshot (215).png
    [​IMG]-New skill: Blade of World's End: Inflicts extremely powerful Slash damage, 300% mod [range: 1, height: 2, Charge: 3, Cost: 75, Cast time: 220]. First thing.. The mod is really high, especially since suzuka at full build on her JE can reach about 1100-1200 PAtk, Basically makes this skill ''the boss killer''. The high 75 cost to use this skill means it takes about 2-3 normal attacks to gain enough jewels, which is understandable considering the high mod. Here comes the bad news, the range and cast time, these two requirements do not work well together, in fact getting close is bad enough as it is but to wait there with the cast time and for them all to swarm around you is just asking for too much. If I had to say which is more worse between the cast time or the skill range I would say the cast time. 220 cast time is terrible! For comparison it is more slower than her blood drain, also slower than all the cast time skill on the mage job (mages being the worse magic caster jobs in the game). It is so bad that you will always need to bring an astrologer/chronomancer just to cast Quicanx/overclock for that one skill. Another small detail that can be missed is that this skill doesn't have dark element, but with 300% mod it's fine. Use this skill on hard content maps only if you have support or plan ahead.

    Master ability (lv 80 / 20 LB):
    Cute Is Superior: Powers up "Avenger" +10% higher mod(No chance of Berserk on self, guarantees ''Avenger'' counter) & AGI +10/HP Up +150. A good master ability which makes her Agi stat go from average to well a good Agi stat, with 10+ agi this makes her rival units like Noctis. Hp is nice makes her more tanky and allows the 100% counter more viable. A good master ability, if I was to compare this to other master abilities, this one is better than most and there are way worse ones out there.
    By far the most superior ability name than out of all the other master abilities :3


    Glass Kanon(kanon pun, not actually kanon) PVE (lv 65 /5th LB)
    main job: samurai/ninja -depends on what's needed. higher damage vs status
    subskill: basic ninja
    reactive: Tsubamegaeshi
    passive1: Single blade
    passive2: enhance counter/ninja stealth - up to you on this one. Pdef +20% vs move + 1
    discussion: at 65 she is really slow, single blade hurts her agi a lot. good Patk so not completely useless. Even with ninja as main job she still has agi problems.
    Taking off single blade will make her have feather Patk and she would have to rely on counters(25% proc is quite bad to rely on). basic ninja is good with element variety.

    Suzuka Glass kanon - Boss Killer (PVE/ Lv75+ / 15+ LB)

    main job: Dark Cav/ninja more damage skills with low Agi or above average Agi with limited skills
    subskill: basic Dark Cav
    reactive: Avenger/Tsubamegaeshi If you have her story quest done use avenger.
    passive1: Single blade
    passive2: Overdrive
    discussion: Before ver 2.0 was considered the most optimal, but now this build has another contender. Standard high Patk and For Agi: Dark Cav main job has a very low Agi, for Ninja main job above average Agi. Weak Pdef and Mdef, only thing keeping her alive is the decent HP stat. With JE she can reach about 1000 Patk or higher. Needs support to carry team on hard maps, but indeed the best boss killer build she has.

    Suzuka Bazooka(standard build and balanced) (PVE/ Lv75+ / 15+ LB)

    main job: Dark Cav
    subskill: Dark Cav picking ninja as a subskill is a bit too weak.
    reactive: Avenger/Tsubamegaeshi If you have her story quest done use avenger.
    passive1: Overdrive
    passive2: Enhance counter/pitch black blood line enhance counter is the best passive imo
    discussion: In my opinion this is the best build for her, it is not as strong as the boss killer build but even so it still does a lot of damage, her Patk should be sitting around 750 or higher, at full build and with JE even higher. Enhance counter almost covers up the -25% def lost from overdrive with the +20% but it still leaves her weak to magic attacks. If she has enhance counter on, her Avenger counter attack damage is really high in fact surpassing her own skills sometimes. Also another good thing about this build is that the Agi isn't slow, sitting around 130 at max level which is decent, gives less stress on the supports. I think this set is the best to use, very balanced, 8 out of 10 times I would recommend to use.

    Suzuka Ninjutsu (PVP / Lv75+ / 15+ LB)
    main job: ninja
    subskill: Dark Cav
    reactive: Avenger
    passive1: Overdrive
    passive2: ninja stealth
    discussion: The only way to use to her in pvp with my current knowledge is building as much agi on her as u can, this allows her to make small arena maps to be her personal playground, having some high hp gear is also recommended as there are only a few units that are faster than her such as Fate yomi and ninja agi boosted hax magnus but with high enough hp it will be quite hard for those players to one shot you. highly suggest you get the Jikunai Satsuki kunai gear max at 5 stars, this allows her to reach around 170 agi rivaling speed demons such as olga. Suzuka's Retribution blade will one shot the majority of the arena meta, even tough units like gilgamesh will be at risk, only tank/ units with guard like noctis could tank it but even then they would be at low hp. Suzuka is strong in small arena maps but in bigger ones it is a bit different, better to pick someone else in arena.

    Gear recommendations:
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    Curious Doll: A staple gear for all units, big hp stat(HP +180), also gives elemental protection and gives increase jewels obtained from normal attacks.

    Alkemono Mascot: Next best gear after Curious Doll. Massive hp stat(HP +200). Has the small chance to give guts(about 1%). this gear is also considered a staple gear for all units.

    Jikunai Satsuki: The nest kunai for ninjas in PVP and PVE, boosts high Patk +50, which makes it as strong as Guren Blade. The gear ability: Inflicts Phys Dmg 135% mod on enemy units in area around self & move after attacking [Area: Cross (3), Height Range: 2, MOVE Area: Diamond (7)] The gear ability is an AOE slash and then after that a teleport to a targeted destination. It is niche and should only be used in PVE(the ability that ''makes plays'' in multi). The biggest reason why this gear is the extremely good is the Agi +10 on getting it to 5 stars, Agi +10 scales quite hard on ninja which could give an extra 1-3 Agi(depending on the Agi passives for that job). imo a worthy gear to use your gold gear shards on.

    Faustian Greatsword: This gear gives a good Patk stat(+45). With 50% chance to gain +7 agi when attacking, which is good regardless and can stack with it's gear ability. The gear ability: Inflicts Phys Dmg 125% mod & casts Quicken status on self [range: 1, height: 2, Charge: 1, Cost: 50]. Quite good but the jewel cost is a bit too much, mod is a little low but on a job like Dark Cav it can hit a decent amount of numbers, most important thing is quicken effect.

    Overlord's Sword: Laharl's sword that imo makes a good alternative for Faustian Greatsword, gives decent Patk +40, Small HP +30 better than no HP, Main big thing here is the initial jewels +10, it can potentially open up a skill on the first turn which is nice and gives you a faster start. The disable heal is niche but I've seen it bust the main boss from healing which makes it a good boss killer gear.

    Trapezohedron: A staple gear to all units, gives low stats to all parameters but for Agi +5 it is makes it one of this gear's best feature. HP +150 is big boon and max jewel +25 is niche and it would only benefit physical attackers.

    Armor Of Mystic Light: On the making of this review has yet to be released on GL version.
    An armor exclusively for light units. Good HP+ 60, gives dark resist +20, Charm +50, Paralysis res +100, Pdef/Mdef + 30. A must for light units, of course there is only one per User as of now so put it on the unit that will be targeted a lot.

    Jp Suzuka:
    Jp suzuka isn't too different from GL version but she does get a few new toys. ninja JE, Vision Gear(Nensous) and Enlightenment. Still the same play style of hit and run or the face roll with high Patk.

    [​IMG] Ninja JE (忍者【青龍】)
    Screenshot (234).png

    New skill:
    [​IMG] 蛇毒双刀 (Snake Sniper Twin Sword): Patk damage 110% mod(2-hit) ST ,[combo rate: 55%, Combo hit damage: ~60.5% range: 1, height: 2, Charge: 3, Cost: 30, 100% poison chance]. A two hit skill which is always nice, 110% mod is basic attack power but there is 2 hits(doubling damage potential) and a guaranteed poison efffect. for 30 cost this ability isn't bad and gives the ninja a good viable kill option than a 75% mod from all her over main skills.

    New skill: [​IMG] 龍刃 (Dragon Blade): Patk Damage 135% mod, [Area: 3 Lateral, Range: 1, Height: 2, charge: 3, cost: 38, 100% chance to paralysis]. A small AOE skill with 135% mod that hits 3 spaces in front with 1 range, A very nice Aoe Skill for suzuka that adds one of samurai's skill range into one of her ninja skills with a beefy mod and it hits quite hard with her overdrive. the cost is a bit high but it is worth with the AOE makes it great for PVE and PVP. an alternative to retribution blade(hitting around the same damage if not a bit better than retribution blade) adding more range and scope utility for her kill potential. The paralysis is a great affition. 蛇毒双刀 (Snake Sniper Twin Sword) is still a better skill to use as a kill move than 龍刃 (Dragon Blade).

    Vision gear (nensou):
    I have limited knowledge on the variety of Nensous but I managed to find one for Suzuka.

    女子力の探求(Exploration of girls' power)

    Units who can utilize gear: Shayna, Suzuka
    Type: Equipment
    Rank: 4 ★
    Max Level: 35
    Enhancer Cost: 1600
    Enhancer EXP: 10000:
    Vision Clear Reward:
    [​IMG] Gear type: Armor. HP + 300, PDEF + 50, Area ATK Res + 10, Stop Res + 40

    HP: Lv 1: +100 >>> Lv 25: HP +241 >>> Lv30: HP +300

    Currently in GL she is placed quite high, having a strong leader skill, has been around a long time, having farmable shards, Great Patk and Agi that is fixable and on top of that dealing light and dark damage, she is just a great unit that has age quite well. There are some desired things that would make suzuka more better like for example: giving her a light element skill, bigger AOE and a better Patk buff, but Im hoping that it will all happen when it is her turn to get her exclusive gear ability and spotlight, She will likely be on top of the JP meta again if that happens. In the gl version it is a different story, her Dark Cav JE didn't place her too high up in the meta/tier list but it does however glues her down as a high S/SS rating unit, Suzuka isn't going anywhere anytime soon and her future stuff she gets makes sure of that. She is a unit more leaned towards PVE as time progresses and her days of PVP makes her more and more limited to small maps and eventually fall off PVP. If I was going to rate her myself I would give her a 8/10 in PVE and for PVP 4/10 for large maps and 8.5/10 for small maps.

    Suzuka vs Zahar: Dark Cav comparison
    Suzuka: has more agi, can attack with dual light and dark, Has a stronger boss killer skill, has higher move options, viable in arena, doesn't rely on 1 job, has status ailements.
    Zahar: has Armor Of Wrath boosting huge light res +50(basically making light do about neutral damage to him), high sustain, AOE sustain, blow up enemy jewels to fill his, has drain reactive to survive longer.

    discussion: I will give suzuka the win, she has many more positives and more versatility, having dark knight and dark cavalier on one unit kind of hurts, sure there is the glass kanon build but you cant utilize new skills or sets. both good units though, this is just to show what suzuka is as a Dark Cav.

    Suzuka vs yuri: Ninja comparison

    Suzuka: has more Patk, can attack with dual light and dark, is light element. Retribution Blade hits harder than any of yuri's subskills.
    Yuri: more agi, has better subskill AOE than retribution blade and range with sub machinist, has another good subskill from blademaster which can buff her atk +50%, has a better reactive from machinist that can shave off 40% of the damage which is better fitted for squishy ninjas.

    Discussion: I deliberately picked a strong ninja against suzuka, I will give this victory to yuri. Even though suzuka has higher Patk, yuri still has regal blade passive and a very strong agi +30% passive booster+2 from machinist to cancel out the agi lost. more subskill variety and better reactive. But in PVP it is different, yuri's single Patk passive and lower mod can barely one shot the meta squishes and is quite bad against certain teams. PVE though goes to yuri because of variety. Suzuka isn't a bad ninja but she isnt the best.

    thank you all for reading my detailed Suzuka Review, If there is a problem or some extra info please PM me and I will check what needs to be corrected.
    Next review is on Uzuma, I hope I will be able to make it accurate enough.


    Thank goodness her Blade of World's End JE skill locks on the target, if it wasn't you could never use this skill without heavy babysitting from 3 chronomancers.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019
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  3. WeikerX

    WeikerX Moderator Staff Member

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    I like how this is written in your own tone of voice. Makes it sound like an active player is reviewing and not a nameless machine. In like the summon "in the main pool" information as well, cause it's clear where she resides.
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  4. 1CC

    1CC Active Member

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    The skill detailed review are quite usefull, its right before I rise suzuka's main pitch-black blade skill so I stopped at lv 16 ;).
  5. Edel’s Ice

    Edel’s Ice Member

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    in my personal studio at home
    E2604242-62ED-4B95-B4B2-3BB225B2CB3A.png Guys! Suzuka is getting her JE on GL! Ohh mmeh gawd! I will need to add in JE in review
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2018
  6. Edel’s Ice

    Edel’s Ice Member

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    in my personal studio at home
    Umm sorry to say but it is better to max her main skill level and subskills and all that, because leveling not only unlocks skills but empowers all of them skills too. So max ur skill for more damage :3
  7. 1CC

    1CC Active Member

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    Hmm I see. I just thought that I'll just left the unecessary skills for a better auto but I guess I'll just max it then thanks for the info m(_ _)m
  8. Edel’s Ice

    Edel’s Ice Member

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    in my personal studio at home
    there are some skills u can leave without maxing, but Dark Cav is not one of them.
  9. Shadowalker

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    Very nice and detailed Review! I like it alot ^^. Its also cool that you give Builds for People who dont have her at LB 15 or 20 yet, very good for new Players.
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  10. Kat

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    Very nice review. We want more for sure.

    Thanks alot. :)

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