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Early-Game Farmable Theory-Builds

Discussion in 'Unit Builds' started by Push2Stops, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Push2Stops

    Push2Stops Member

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    With so many places to farm mediocre characters I've poured through a lot of their jobs looking for optimal builds and it's been fun and really insightful. So I thought it would be interesting to have a thread for us to post builds for these bottom tier units, just for fun.

    Use something like this and share any ideas you've had!
    The Name of your Build:
    Job set:
    Basic Ability:
    Gear suggestions:
    Farming Location: ​

    Remember this is just for fun, these are niche characters at best; if you are new to this game you probably have better options.
  2. Push2Stops

    Push2Stops Member

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    Water Paladin Gane
    Concept/Strategy: A healing tank with mobility. Ideal for use with ranged units who wont rush ahead of him; send him into the frey attacking only to charge up on jewels until his healing is needed. If building for Auto-Play avoid leveling his Holy Knight Shield moves as he's sure to waste all his jewels before he gets a chance to heal anyone.
    Set Job: Holy Knight (No need to invest in Shield ability; level 2 max.)
    Basic Ability: Basic Remedies (No need to max.)
    Passives: Move +1 and Jump +1 -or- Guard Up
    Reactive: Holy Knight Stance +1
    Gear suggestions: Primarily gear that helps with jewels. Aside from that anything that pushes his defenses and resistances up or adds to his HP works too.
    Farming Location: Ch. 2: Ep. 2 [1-10]

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