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[Dreamy Sacred Stone Memories] Lizardman Soul Shard Farming

Discussion in 'Arena & Quests' started by XingHa, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    Update (April 2020): To farm for the Lizardman Soul Shards, do the Rekindled Flame of Rage EX (https://alchemistcodeforum.com/threads/guide-rekindled-flames-of-rage-ex.31710/).


    You get the Lizardman by fetching the 1st Episode 1 Event milestone reward. Her memento provides you the unit just like how Don Taras' and Alma's memento works. Although the Lizardman appears to be transmutable, you don't want to waste 80 Lizardman Soul Shards that way.

    You may want to manipulate the RNG and below are the acceptable range:
    Ep1 (10 AP): 3-5 Lizardman Soul Shards
    Ep2 (15 AP): 2-4 Lizardman Soul Shards
    Ep3 (20 AP): 4-5 Lizardman Soul Shards
    Ep4 (25 AP): 4-5 Lizardman Soul Shards
    Ep5 (30 AP): 5-7 Lizardman Soul Shards
    Ep6 (35 AP): 4-6 Lizardman Soul Shards
    Ep7 (40 AP): 5-7 Lizardman Soul Shards

    (1) If the Lizardman (when Forced Setup) died, it results to Game Over. In Ep5, she might die.
    (2) Mobs contain 1 soul shard only while Treasure Chest contains 1-3 soul shards. In most cases, you will aim for 3 soul shards from the Treasure Chest. No 2 Treasure Chest contain soul shards only 1 of them.
    (3) When Auto-ing for Ep1, Ep2, Ep4, use all melee unit and turn off skill usage. For Ep3, using all melee and setting the skill usage On is fine.
    (4) For Ep7, if you kill all the initial enemy simultaneously, the battle ends prematurely and you won't encounter the reinforcement which will appear if you kill either Teona or Elizabeth. I highly suggest you aim for "Kill 5+ foe in one blow" on the reinforcement.

    Q: After im done clearing 5x for each episode, how much soul shards do i get?
    A: All the soul shards you get from farming and milestone rewards combined, you will end up having a Lv85 Lizardman with excess soul shards of not lowering than 50 pcs.

    Q: I want an excess of 270 Lizardman Soul Shards in case i decided to enlighten her in the future. So what's the math?
    A: 220/3 = 74*10 = 740 AP. You need to spare not lowering than 740 AP if you gonna farm 220 soul shards in Ep1. But since you're not going to manipulate the RNG this time, expect to get poorer amount of souls shards like getting 1 or 2. Thus, the 740 AP is the minimum expenditure.

    Q: How about Episode 7?
    A: Lets say you get poorer farm from the 4 attempts in Ep1. You will still likely to have 5-7 soul shards which is equivalent to the acceptable range in Ep7.
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