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Custom unit and custom event story project #1 "Fight for Knowledge"

Discussion in 'General' started by ganmbit, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. ganmbit

    ganmbit New Member

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    Well, this is a progress log of the units that I wanted to create as a custom unit and custom event and also pray that Gimu won't caught me doing this...

    But so far, I can't draw manga style properly so it's kinda hard to do the art, but for appearance and seiyuu sect, I could do something about it...

    First of all, the characters, there are 2 protagonist, 1 extra as loli free unit to please the lolicons, while 1 free unit in chapter 1.

    My personal rule of seiyuu picking(Is important to read this before suggest another seiyuu):
    1. Not taken to any units yet, the VA mention must voice acting neither in-game or collab-in-game unit, or even Global/HK Exclusive units.
    2. Have a track record of voice acting as the character which has the same attitude as the characters that I mention below, example: This VA has a track record of voice acting a character that is cute and loves to tease people.
    3. Japanese VAs only, this game is Japanese, why we pick western ones?

    (The impotant points will be writen in bold)

    This chapter 1 free unit will be someone who has bigger o****(censored for any type of purposes) than Shayna, Lotia(JP unit, She is Thunder element), and Laeticia(Zahar's Girlfriend before Spica and JP unit) (Means, she has biggest o**** in the game if Gimu caught me doing this and my unit is taken by them), also bigger hips than them with slimmer waist, also a thigh-long straight red hair... Her eyes is somewhat golden(resembling to her name which I tell you later), and she always wear a white dress.

    (fact: Her o**** is the 10 kg of 55 kg in her body as the weight, *got shot by a magic ball by her due to telling her weight(Girls dislike to be said about their body weight)*, so when she is flat, she is around 45 kg, which women's ideal weight or more thinner, maybe her hips is donating few of her weight). Speaking about her face, she is indeed beautiful and elegant, I mean she has the face that as beautiful as Rias from DxD, or maybe equal or more beautiful than miss Mikoto that released just now(She is a pretty waifuable, Am I right?).

    Her name is Neysatria, taken from 2 greek girl names, "Neysa"(means: Pure) and "Nestri"(means: Wise). Well, her story could come later. Actually, I have changed her name for few times. First is "Tifalina", but I don't think this is good(too weird), then I changed to "Lina" but has the same first letter as the protagonist's old name that got into the gacha, so I changed to this one. She is the light element unit, since her name makes her say so(Weird to put her in dark actually). As her name means, she is your type of elegant, smart, yet wise in one side, but when she is alone with her childhood friend(Aka the real protag), she will be so spoiled and you guys can get a clue also he does get the clue but wait for the time to strike. If I busted by Gimu and the unit is taken, her seiyuu will be between Haruka Tomatsu(Notable: Asuna from SAO) or Hayami Saori (Notable: Kokoro the s*** from FranXX), at first I put Hikasa Yoko and Kanemoto Hisako, because they have a track record of sound acting as an elegant girl like Rias and Karen, but seems I have my own reason to not to pick them, and I put it as a secret(Sensitive for Japanese Girls, they don't like people who say about their three things: Age, Weight, and Body, and I only mentioning one of them as the main reason). I'm still confused to put one of Haruka Tomatsu or Hayami Saori. Her job is Diviner(Along with Diviner+), (Reido's 1st Job,魔弾操師, along with it's "Neutral Element Kaigan"), and Witch Princess(Unique Job, along with it's Job+). After some research, I discover that Hayami Saori is already taken for 'Notice me Vettel-Sama' Chloe. So maybe, if I had to choose again, maybe Haruka Tomatsu will get this role.

    Reason that finally it is decided that Haruka will be the Seiyuu if I caught by Gimu doing this:
    1. Both of Asuna and Lina/Neysatria are elegant and has high ranks in one side, but somewhat girly in other side
    2. Hikasa Yoko already voice for Agatha, Hayami Saori is already taken for Chloe, the rest is a secret reason that I mentioned above

    Secondly, this is a unit that I hope will pierce through SS/SSS Tier or even beat Sol, Orion, and also Roxanne and he is dark unit, he will be taken as the gacha unit also he is the REAL protagonist of Chapter 1. Named Klerolos, he is a mix of Sol(SUPER DUPER OP JP Unit) and Kirito from SAO based on appearance, he has a front hair style as Kirito(I hate him(Kirito) actually) and has the same hair color as them(both Sol and Kirito) but different eye color, but his back hair style is same as Sol. His eye color is crimson red which affected by his name meaning. Speaking of his name, his named is taken from two greek boy names, which are: "Kleon"(Means: Glory) and "Carolos" (means: Manly/Brave/Strong). Before this, his name is Lyros, came up from my imagination, he is 5* though... His job is Weapon Magician(Unique Job), Martial Artist, and Dragon Cavalier, follow the rule of job making in TAC(1 ordinary job in one of these three job).(His main focus on build will be HP, PATK, MATK, AGI, PDEF, and MDEF)

    He is wearing black long sleeved shirt and black long sleeve leggings. He also has a dark robe/jacket that has the length of Kirito's and always wear a magician's gloves that made by special leather to help his siphoning, also in black color. His face is your typical of bishounen face, I mean the he is slightly more handsome than the one who is the most handsome bishounen in this game(I'm talking to you, Chloe's boyfriend aka Vettel). Siphon is one of his skills in Unique Job aka Job 1. If I'm busted by Gimu and this unit is taken, his seiyuu will be Fukamachi Toshinari(I think of Nagumo Hajime's Seiyuu from Arifureta(An upcoming anime in some season later)), even I was conflicted to use Yuki Kaji(since he already voice a numerous of main characters), Kamiya Hiroshi(You know Levi from AoT?), or Yoshitsugu Matsuoka(Yeah, since I mention Kirito here... Maybe, he is fit). But, for his bishounen-like appearance, it seems Fukamachi is more fit to him than the rest.

    -Both Hajime and Lyros/Klerolos is UNDENSE character
    -Both of them are cool and badass
    -Both of them are Bishounen(Hajime is a Bishounen in later arcs, while Lyros/Klerolos is a pure Bishounen)

    This loli unit is another matter in another time, but she came from Lustburg, the setting of this project story. But you could say that this loli has twintail and neck long blue hair, she is not o****loli, so you lolicons could be happy for her. Cuter than Lofia and Milis combined, her name and seiyuu is not planned yet.

    But, there will be 6 antags(all of them is gacha), and one more gacha unit in protag side(The element is water, the rarity is 5, his job 1 and 3 is "Sniper" and "Machinist", this one is for the loli.)

    But, for Gimu to caught me doing this and use my units, I have ONE absolute condition: I must the one of the guys who involved in story creation and voice acting sect(I mean, I handle who is the seiyuu and how they do their line, and I sell story more than the unit, so the seiyuu will had a hard time to read all the lines for the chapter)(Who knows the characters more than the author him/her/themself? Nobody, even story team staff wouldn't know as much as the author him/her/themself)

    What is my main goal of this project:
    -Make ******** x ********* became the best couple in the game, beating Vettel x Chloe, Zahar x Spica x Laeticia, Zangetsu x Suzuka, and more.
    -Make the story as one of the best event story in the game, since the naming, concept, and else is ready(concept: Equality in Education)

    First Question: Why I choose greek naming instead of another name? They are came from Envylia, so any thing that from a nensou that triggers to someone came from Envylia, they will also be affected. I just like using greek or latin names here for the language.

    Second: Will they get their Lv.91/Nensou/GA/MA/VA/Enchant Job or Job+? Absolutely, every of my custom units will get, All of them. But, for Nensou , only the couple that I mentioned to be the best who will get those. Yeah, it's (censored) x (censored), no spoilers...

    Can you help me by...

    Is Haruka Tomatsu good enough for Lina/Neysatria? If not, can you mention any seiyuu that's better, could be the one mentioned here or not mentioned.

    Is Fukamachi Toshinari perfect for Lyros/Klerolos? If not, can you mention any seiyuu that's better, could be the one mentioned here or not mentioned.

    Seiyuu is Voice Actor if you ask... They must be Japanese BTW... And has a record of taking the character that has the same attitude as them in general.

    Which is the better names, the greek ones that newly added or the old ones that I used

    Btw, here's the synopsis:

    "Few Envylian mages came up to the king and asks for his blessing also allowance to learn in Lustburg, the "Holy Land of Magic" in their eyes. The king gives them the blessing since Klerolos, their choosen leader of this band of mages makes the perfect reason and he loves to learn. But, Neysatria(which she asks to the king before Klerolos came), his childhood friend must follow him to Lustburg. He agrees and knows her 'code'(moves, wanting to be always together with Klerolos, but I can't tell you yet about this, it's not fun dude...), but he decides to let her follow him. But, as Lustburg law says no men in their area, they have to fight their own way to make them get the education in so-called Holy Land of Magic. Will they succeed? Or, will they fail?"

    Disclaimer: Anyone who I mention here is not the absolute choice, and they aren't take these roles yet, or something, it's just an idea came by... Just like 'I would take ..... as this character's voice actor, If I could.', just using an idea and imagination.

    The words in these color is added in 1 August 2018 also at 25 December 2018, means: this is the 1 August 2018 patch of the info also the 25 December patch of the info, important parts only.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2018
  2. ganmbit

    ganmbit New Member

    Likes Received:
    Extra Development Note:

    From now on, Lyros official name is Darkus, and Lina's will be Syane. Well, I think so hard on this, since their name is forgetable when I created in greek or so. That's why I choose this name instead of any other two

    This Custom Project Story will be done after Hito's Adventure Episode 1 is completed(Will be done on 10 episode), same as this custom project. But, comparing to the first, this has more units and some of them have all-TAC Based jobs without any one original job, which of them is: Jay and Layla(Layla is free unit, while Jay is gacha but he is like a water version of Albea). Let me make a count first for them. And some of them didn't have their nensou.

    1. Darkus
    2. Syane
    3. Layla
    4. Jay
    5-10. (Antagonist, 1 element got one each, all of them have something in Lustburg, and they will have their original Job and Job+, like Syane and Darkus)
    11. Unknown unit
    12. Unknown unit

    But, it seems that I will have to make more side stories too after this, since this is a serious project that I want to make the story became one of the best in this game, also I want to make one coupleship in this game became one of the best couples in this game. Which will make a huge headache for a storywritter for me.

    What I want is to not discovered by any GIMU staff here about my custom things or I will have a super busy time.
  3. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

    Likes Received:
    i hope the artstyle preference of your units is not the same as Minerva. honestly speaks, putting westerns-tyle taste into eastern-style art is vomiting. and Minerva's character design is ugly as well as Siegfried
  4. ganmbit

    ganmbit New Member

    Likes Received:
    Well, depends on the artist that will handle the job, once again, I don't do any art... I only create the description and written design.

    I CAN'T draw... Unless if you want some bad quality drawings

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