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Badly need help for my line up.. Thanks

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by iRon59, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. iRon59

    iRon59 New Member

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    Good guys... I just started playing this game yesterday without a fuc**** clue about this game..

    These are my units as of now..
    4* Caris ( Guaranteed 4* after tutorial)
    5* Teona (Free Summon at the beginning)
    4* Courage (250 Gems i've collected from gifts and missions completed at the very beginning, didn't know there's a 500 gem x10 draw. lol)

    Did some quests and complete some missions to earn 500 gems. Felt frustrated at this point for wasting that 250 gems for 1 draw..

    (From 500 gems.. only notables)
    5* Rosa
    5* Reimei
    4* Reed
    4* Zangetsu
    The rest are 3*

    Oh i also have a 5* Eve from 1 Rare Ticket which i don't where i got.. lol. She looks weak though in a wedding dress.

    What should be my line up guys? I don't wanna waste time and resources on units that will be useless anyway.. And i've read somewhere that some 5* are weak..

  2. udon

    udon Moderator Staff Member

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  3. WeikerX

    WeikerX Moderator Staff Member

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    I'd go with Caris and Courage as well. Def get your hard shards farm for Zangetsu, Lucian, Lofia, and Rahu. Reimei may be one of your better 5*s I think? he can be good down the line when his job plus comes out I think. Farm and do the 500 gem pulls weekly, and hope you get a nice good 5*. I hear some meta defining 5 stars are coming this month or next, and it may be worth it to save up and pull all the steps.
  4. Arananthi

    Arananthi Active Member

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    This thread is what you need.


    Short version: Courage, Reimei, Caris, and Protagonist main. Zangetsu and Teona sub. For nonstory quests, move Teona over and put Eve sub.

    Logic here is "start with ranged and fast units, and if the enemy gets close, their deaths will pop out a vicious melee killer to deal with the problem." :)

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