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[Babel Chronicles] Dazzling Black Veins

Discussion in 'Guides' started by XingHa, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

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    Trivia: Silma is Spica's younger sister

    Episode 1: Justice
    Win Condition: Bring down Vettel's HP to zero (he has an innate Guts so he won't actually die)
    Setup: Zahar, Spica and Silma
    Your fight is against Vettel plus 3 Scarlet Flame Guard. All enemy is Fire element so Silma is in a dangerous spot here since she is a Wind element. Keeping Silma far away is not a good idea either as Spica by herself will die in a 1v3 fight. Just make sure you keep Silma's distance, or you can use Spica and Zahar to make enemy access on Silma limited (refer to the images below as an example). The enemies prioritize whom they can make more damage or kill.

    ac25.jpg ac26.jpg ac27.jpg
    Note: The 1st image shows Silma is having her 2nd turn. Zahar just done with his 2nd turn while Spica haven't yet get her 2nd turn. During their respective 1st turn, i move Zahar to join Spica and Silma and just ignore Vettel, Silma to use Cedar Slash Flicker to bind an enemy, and Spica to move beside Silma. Why Cedar Slash Flicker? Because it cost less jewel than Destructive Palm and put Silma in a safe distance.

    To nail the "Kill 2 Scarlet Flame Guard in one blow" quest mission, don't use Spica's Warcry to avoid over-damaging resulting to unwanted kill. Do note Spica has Revenge reactive ability with a 50% proc rate. I used Zahar for the "2 kills". You may refer to the video below.

    Episode 2: World
    Win Condition: Kill all enemy while keeping Zahar and Letitia alive
    Setup: Zahar and Letitia
    Reinforcement: Theresa
    Story: I recommend you do not Skip as an interesting fact about Zahar will be unveiled.
    All enemy is just monsters - lizard spearman, wolf and 2x Sleep Mandragora. The plant will use its 3x3 diamond AOE sleep skill (casting range is around self) if 2 or more target is within range. Theresa will come at your aid after receiving some damage and/or kill some specific enemy(?). Theresa is very powerful so you don't need to worry about her.

    The most easiest way to achieve "Kill 3+ foes in one blow" quest mission is to pile up the enemies and let Theresa handle the AOE killing by using Rampaging Asura. The good news is that enemies are attracted to her. If Theresa won't show up to you, just refer to the video below for getting all mission reward clear in a run without her.

    Episode 3: Strength and Ideals
    Win Condition: Kill all enemy while keeping Zahar alive
    Setup: Zahar and Corvus
    Zahar is slow and takes 150-250 magic damage. He is the favorite target of the enemy spellcaster (1 Inquisitor Mage & 1 Inquisitor Sage). Corvus is agile which makes him a perfect tool to play around. The Inquisitor Archer only do small damage so you don't need to prioritize killing it. In fact, you can use those enemy archers to feed Corvus a CT boost (from his reactive skill Stance of the Runner).

    The difficult part here is the "Max total damage received of 650" quest mission. Corvus works wonder for this one and shame on Zahar. First attempt, i tried rushing to the north but Zahar is just eating plethora of magic damage. And i realized it is not possible given Zahar's low Agi and lack of mobility. Just refer to the video below for getting all mission reward clear.

    Note: As for the last part wherein 2 Inquisitor Archer remaining, use any skill that can OHKO the archer with the nearest incoming turn. Soul Slicer is the recommended skill because it gives +80% Agi self buff for a turn. I used Moon Torrent because it gives evasion but that was just a dumb of me (lol it gives Magic Evasion Rate!!).

    Episode 4: Hero of Wratharis
    Win Condition: Kill all enemy while keeping Zahar alive
    Setup: Zahar, Letitia and Corvus
    Story: No art and skin of child Spica, seriously?!
    Nothing special just be sure NOT to collect any green jewel. You can use Potion for healing.

    For starters, run Corvus towards the enemies on the right side and normal attack a Corpse Assassin. If you are lucky enough to get a CT boost from Stance of the Runner, you can use Air Surge before the 2 Corpse Sage released their spell.

    Episode 5: A Worthy Opponent
    Win Condition: Zahar dies or Vettel reaches 0 HP (Vettel has innate Guts)
    Setup: Zahar
    It's a 1v1 fight between the two rivals. Just refer to the video below for getting all mission reward clear.

    Note: After im done with mine, i checked how other cleared this episode. For particular, Mr. Ushi buffed Zahar with Assault on first turn, then normal attack and ended the fight with Juggernaut. I actually did the same on my first try but my damage was short to nail the 3rd quest mission, lame.

    Episode 6: Shadow Messiah
    Win Condition: Kill all enemy while keeping Zahar alive
    Setup: Zahar, Spica and Silma
    Due to the quest mission "Max total damage received of 1,500", you will be keeping Zahar from a distance. Just refer to the video below for getting all mission reward clear.

    Note: On Spica's very first turn, just move her and end turn. If Spica takes an action then the Fire Corpse Assassin's Stance of the Runner procs, the Fire Corpse Assassin will take its 2nd turn first before Spica's 2nd turn resulting to Silma taking huge damage from a Fire enemy.

    Episode 7: Academy for Magic
    Win Condition: Kill all enemy while keeping Zahar alive
    Setup: Zahar, Corvus and Ila
    Story: Woody and Mr. Bunny. So take note of that, okay?

    Enemies will prioritize Ila (even the Wind Corpse Sage will choose the Fire Ila over the Thunder Corvus) and the Light Corpse Archer will prioritize Zahar. Its mostly Corvus and Ila who will do the work and shame on Zahar again.

    In order to achieve "Kill 3+ foes in one blow" quest mission, first you need to reduce the enemy numbers to avoid fatality and also to farm enough jewel to perform the task. I prefer the Corpse Assassins to be killed as the enemies at the back won't move unless you are inside their aggro range. Plus the Corpse Assassin is agile and annoying to play against (a Soul Slicer at the back will put your unit to rest). For Ila, you need at least 90 Jewel - 50 for Saturation, 20 for Double Dip and another 20 for Double Dip as an insurance; or make it at least 120 Jewel if you want Assist Face in your menu. For Corvus, you need at least 90 Jewel for 3x Assassin Blade - Sleep. Once you are done dispatching all the Corpse Assassin, have your Corvus put 3 enemy close to each other asleep and kill the excess one. Then, Ila will execute the finishing blow with Double Dip + Saturation (Saturation has no casting time btw). For the reference, check the video below.

    Note: I thought it was "Kill 4+ foes in one blow" lol. I was just done my 10x run of Hisham EX when i next this one.

    Episode 8: Blood
    Win Condition: Kill all enemy while keeping Zahar alive
    Setup: Zahar, Corvus and Ila
    Story: How would Spica win over Letitia? Letitia have it all - both brain and beauty. Look at her body, talking about adult in a gorgeous body. She has a perfect shape and huge breast. Letitia can anytime bear my baby (not Zahar's you hear it!). No wonder Zahar bite her.
    Me replying to Spica: Porn my dear
    So if you want to know what just Spica saw and what was really happened, better watch the whole episode story.

    Due to "Max total damage received of 2,000" quest mission, Zahar will be keeping his distance again. For Corvus, he just needs to be wary of the Corpse Sage's Mega Blast (dealing 1kish dmg on him) and Wind Wolf (dealing 750ish dmg). You may use Charm (70% chance) or Sleep (100%) onto the enemy sage to neutralize its threat. Just refer to the video below for getting all mission reward clear.

    Note: The Wind Wolf will choose Fire Ila over Thunder Corvus if both are within reach. Looks like the AI is set to prioritize backrow units such as spellcaster.

    Episode 9: Moment of Promise
    Win Condition: Kill all enemy while keeping Zahar alive
    Setup: Zahar, Corvus and Ila
    Story: It's funny to see a squirt calling another one a squirt. Btw, i recommend you do not Skip as multiple interesting event will unfold.
    Corvus is a man of culture at last! He finally notices Ila's charm.
    When a squirt calling someone a squirt, lol.
    Holy Mother of MY BABY!!
    Watching porn again? Spica is such a pervert :D tee hee hee
    Look who's here...

    After seeing all enemy on the battlefield upon mission start, you will think "how am i suppose to kill at least 3 enemy in one blow without taking a total max damage received of 2,000?" with all of these and "looks like Corvus have to pull off a miracle out of this". Fret not, there will be a spawn of enemies that will appear immediately. Everytime there is a quest mission "Max total damage received of n", Zahar becomes less and less useful. So its same old story, Corvus will be setting the pace up and Ila will handle the special killing.

    What it needs to be done in order to get all the quest mission in a single run? Corvus doesn't really need much jewel. Only enough to throw 1 or 2 cast of his Sub Assassin's skill. As for Ila, for the first part, she must have jewel amount enough to cast 2x Saturation (2x 50 Jewel) to net "Kill 3+ foes in one blow" quest mission. For the second part, Ila needs to farm jewel again enough to cast 2x Rei Fleir (2x 60 Jewel) on the Corpse Dark Knight who has 4,369 HP. Just refer to the video below for getting all mission reward clear.

    (a) During Zahar's very first turn, Zahar can kill the Corpse Ranger but i just moved him behind it and do nothing. The aim is to lure the Water Corpse Knight towards Zahar and the Corpse Ranger will serve as jewel fodder for Ila.
    (b) Strangely enough, there is something odd with the enemies' aggro range.
    (c) At 7:40, if you move 1 tile north with that camera angle, the Light Corpse Sage will start to move (and will prioritize Zahar if within reach)
    (d) The Corpse Dark Knight deals around 750ish dmg on Corvus. The Corpse Dark Knight is susceptible to status ailment (like Charm) but a failed RNG may cost an injured Corvus his life. Let Ila handle the boss.
    (e) At 10:27, if the Corpse Sage target Corvus instead of Zahar, will Corvus survive? I wonder... so my mistake of moving Zahar closer instead of staying far back do something good.
    (f) At 11:09, oddly enough, 2x Rei Fleir do more damage than Rei Fleir amplified by Double Dip when it is supposedly the same (or did i miss a math?). If you have at least 120 Jewel during the task of dispatching the Corpse Dark Knight, better cast 2x Rei Fleir than doing the same as i did in the video above.

    Episode 10: King of Darkness
    Win Condition: Kill all enemy while keeping Zahar alive
    Setup: Zahar, Ila and Zehn
    Nothing special about this stage. Ila is your MVP here. Just refer to the video below for getting all mission reward clear.

    Note: At the start you will get hit by a spell from the nearby Dark Corpse Sage so make sure your units are not close to each other. It will prioritize Zehn as target. Zahar and Zehn are slow and have low mobility to outmaneuver the enemy spellcasters. Ila has everything you need - from power to utility.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  2. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

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    Dazzling Black Veins EX

    Stage Info: http://www.alchemistcodedb.com/quest/qe-ev-babel-2-ex

    The Fire Magic Rattys and the Fire Demon (aka the main boss) scales their damage via difference in MAtk between the caster and the target. The lower your unit's MAtk the greater the damage dealt. The mentioned enemies will target your unit with the highest MAtk if beyond reach even there's a dying other unit of yours nearby. The Fire Ratty will get increase in MATK as time passes by.

    All enemy here has massively amplified regeneration thanks to the 3 Healing Boost Rat Statue (petrified enclosed inside invulnerable walls). The regeneration rate (or the amount healed) lowers per stoned ratty killed. These stoned rattys has only 4HP but has 9999 PDef/MDef. So you will be needing a multi-hitting skill or defense-ignoring attack to kill the stoned ratty quickly. The enclosing walls will get destroyed if all the relative Fire Ratty is killed. Relative means the starting mini-group of Fire Ratty nearby the enclosure (3 Fire Ratty per enclosure i believe).

    Killing certain number of Fire Ratty will result to spawning of new enemies (the Corpse batch). Killing or lowering down the Healing Boost Rat Statue's HP to 1 will result to the spawning of a Fire Diablo. Killing a Fire Diablo will make the Fire Demon appears. Killing the Fire Demon will result to victory.

    The Corpse Dark Cavalier is a deadly foe. You may want to dispose of it quickly or it might cost you death of a squishy unit. The Retribution Blade isn't a threat here due to the fact that the enemy has massive regen and the said skill scales its damage on HP loss. What you need to be wary of is Soul Sacrifice. A nasty AOE skill that scales off from the number of dead friendly unit.

    The Fire Diablo is susceptible to Death. Good thing it is slow. The Fire Demon is susceptible to Delay.

    The main boss Fire Demon has a troublesome reactive skill similar to Stance of the Runner but by +25CT. It also procs not just getting hit by a normal attack but from skill attack as well. If you cannot OHKO it, it is best to ignore it at the moment until all Healing Boost Rat Statue is destroyed. Because it will just get back to full health and you only end up feeding it with CT gains. Just cast Delay on it to lessen its threat. Shayna works wonder on disposing this demon. Shayna can OHKO the demon using Susanoo+Supreme Battle Trance.

    Magic Meister can easily dominate this stage but i just showcased farmable units for the run. If you got no Ravina, then Fung Liu but you need to be extra careful of his low HP. Whether you want to use Elizabeth or Elrike is up to you.

    Reference Video
    General Note
    (1) You may use swap to help your main offensive spellcaster on getting "Kill 5+ foes in single blow" quest mission.
    (2) You need to put into equation the friendly fire from Mega Blizzard when pursuing for "Kill 5+ foes in single blow" quest mission. If you gonna use Sinister Gaze (Battlefield Drama), then you don't need to worry about friendly fire.

    Mono Water:

    Note: I didn't notice that i need to kill 5 enemy simultaneously. I thought it was just 4.

    Mono Light:

    Note: Since we don't have elemental advantage, expect increase in surviving difficulty. The Corpse Assassin can OHKO a squishy unit with its Soul Slicer since its a Dark element attack. Either keep your squishy unit in distance or eliminate the threat.
    Last edited: May 14, 2019
  3. XingHa

    XingHa Active Member

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    Note: I will putting 2 more videos in the future when i got time. Probably, Laharl run and a Magic Meister quick run.
    Last edited: May 14, 2019
  4. JetEnduro95

    JetEnduro95 New Member

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    Thanks for the post, is there a guide for the EX dungeon?

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