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[Attack on Titan] EP1 to EP10 Farming

Discussion in 'Arena & Quests' started by XingHa, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    I can't determine yet whether the AoT coins are much more valued than the unit job equip, or if we will end up with exceeded amount even without RNG manipulation. I never made count how much their HQ gives in order to get an estimation. There's some episode (Ep6, Ep8) you need to do it manually as your squad will just end the game without getting all the loot/Treasure Chest. Or you can use AoT Skip Ticket if you're lazy.

    Also don't forget that we have an Easy version of the episodes so it count towards the milestone of x number of clear.

    Below are the list of minimum and maximum amount that i encountered:
    Ep6 (12AP): 2-5 Blue Flame Guard (0 with terrible luck/8 is perfect luck), 2-4 AoT coins
    Ep7 (14AP): 5-10 Hange's Uniform (0-1 with terrible luck), 2-5 AoT coins
    Ep8 (14AP): 5-10 Mecha Weapon (1-3 with terrible luck/11 is perfect luck), 2-6 AoT coins (1 with terrible luck)
    Ep9 (16AP): 3-7 Mikasa's Uniform (0-2 with terrible luck), 1-4 AoT coins
    Ep10: 3-7 Levi's Uniform (0-2 terrible luck/10 is perfect luck), 1-4 AoT coins
    Note: Comparing Easy mode to Normal mode, amount of drop doesn't seem to change but drop rate, i'm not quiet sure.
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