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Anothether noon team help thread

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by Aurosman, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. Aurosman

    Aurosman New Member

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    So, I just got into the game about 2-3 weeks ago and got I believe really lucky with all the event pulls. Normally in games like this when you get a 5* you know it's good, but I got a lot and am overwhelmed at the choices.

    Alphonse, Jin, albea (all maxed limit break)
    Logic, yomi, rule, mustang, lupinus, Hawkeye, chloe, magnus, tamamo, Elizabeth, chao, ravina, shenmei, aruba, flamel, ramses, pride, king bradley, zofia, deneb, Margaret, aswald, vettel, suzuka, Sophia, toritoh, reimei, nasario, mei fang, balt

    Megistos, hazuki, Reagan, caris, lofia, lamia, dilga, mirianne, soleil, courage, glanz, reida, celine, fujika, mia, carol, thillie, melda, strie, freed, zangetsu, envy, scheherazade, dias, lucian, chihaya, rahu, victor

    So my basic team has been roy, zofia, jin, albea, magnus and alphonse. Roy and zofia because they were high tier, and jin, albea anc alphonse cause they are maxed. Also havd magnus on the machinest job. Its working for the story for now, but I know I will have to synergize my team at some point. Any help would be great, thanks.

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