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Discussion in 'Armament, Equipment & Abilities' started by Roojsa, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Roojsa

    Roojsa New Member

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    Some abilities grant some kind of stat and are max as soon as unlocked, while others are unlocked at level 1. Is there a reason to max out these level one Abilities? I do not see a stat change from bumping them a little, but not all of them have an obvious stat
  2. WeikerX

    WeikerX Moderator Staff Member

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    Which stats are you looking at? For specific ones, sometimes www.alchemistcodedb.com can help describe it.

    For abilities, it depends on how you want to build a person. For example, if you want a person tanky, you'd max out the stat ability. is that what you mean?

    Also if you press and hold an ability, it will show what extra abilities your character will learn. hope this helps.
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  3. Push2Stops

    Push2Stops Member

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    In game there is little to no sign of what some of the abilities will change. And some of them change very little. The site in the reply above is great help with this.
  4. nickjr

    nickjr Moderator Staff Member

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    As for seeing changes when you level the ability: For some reason, the changes don't show until you leave that character's screen. (e.g. you can see the changes made from leveling the ability if you tap the arrow to go to the previous/next character and then go right back to the character with the ability, but you kinda have to "manually" look)

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