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1st Anniversary Quest and Global Anniversary Quest

Discussion in 'Arena & Quests' started by XingHa, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. XingHa

    XingHa Moderator Staff Member

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    FYI, both quest are sharing same map and mechanics.
    At the start of the map, you can notice 1 Chloe [artwork skin] and 1 Demon.

    General Note:
    (0) Retreating anytime will not consume the quest.
    (1) Excluding Chloe, killing or not killing artwork units won't affect the spawn of other batches. Rather, killing an artwork unit will only spawn another artwork unit.
    (2) Albea will spawn after killing all batch (excluding artwork skin). Killing Albea will end the map regardless if there's any other unit alive (so keeping the Demon alive and killing Albea will still end the map).
    (3) Killing the Demon after Albea spawn will not end the map.
    (4) For killing batch unit (summer, xmas, halloween, etc. excluding artwork skin batch) , there is no order required (like kill xmas Shayna first then xmas Rosa and so on) and killing multiple at same time doesn't matter. So as long all the batch unit dies, the other batch will spawn.

    Sub Note:
    - killing the Demon at the start and not Chloe will result to end? [unconfirmed]
    - killing Chloe [artwork skin] will spawn Ryle [artwork skin], and summer fellas: Caris, Rin, Yomi, Vettel, Almira, Dilga
    - killing Ryle [artwork skin] will spawn Balt [artwork skin]. killing Balt [artwork skin] will spawn Shen Mei [artwork skin]. killing Shen Mei [artwork skin] will spawn Spica [artwork skin]. killing Spica will spawn Glanz [artwork skin] if there's other ??? [batch, demon] alive on the map except Albea
    - killing all summer fellas will spawn halloween fellas: Mia, Alexis, Magnus, Elizabeth
    - killing all halloween fellas will spawn xmas fellas: Shayna, Rosa, Lofia, Michael
    - killing all xmas fellas will spawn new year fellas: Suzuka, Anastasia, Chihaya
    - chest spawn rate is influenced by kill order? [unconfirmed]
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018

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