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New Profile Posts

  1. WeikerX
    Happy New Year!
    1. nickjr likes this.
  2. ganmbit
    Sh... Why my Vivi J+ is deleted?
  3. ganmbit
    Well, I'm gonna need some power to smash bots but yeah...
  4. ganmbit
    And... the theory is deleted again
  5. nickjr
    nickjr XingHa
    Sweet, I haven't been checking but I just noticed you're a mod now :D Welcome aboard the bot-squashing train!
    1. XingHa
      so that i could delete the spam post
      Mar 30, 2020
  6. XingHa
    XingHa NeoCHI
    can you grant me the ability to delete spam post so i can help with the clean up?
  7. ganmbit
    I was right on picking Darkus' Seiyuu now... Well, at least picking the white Nagumo's seiyuu for Darkus' voice will make Darkus cooler...
  8. kenken
    trade my account
  9. ganmbit
    My theory about Logi could use Kagutsuchi is deleted somehow :v
    1. WeikerX
      what? really? there's a possibility that i may have deleted it during my spam purge, but i promise it was not intentional.
      Jun 5, 2019
  10. XingHa
    XingHa JetEnduro95
    guide for Dazzling Black Veins EX has just provided. feel free to check it anytime
    1. JetEnduro95
      May 14, 2019
  11. XingHa
    XingHa Kaffie
  12. KasugaArata
    Time to start stacking 20k gems in wait for Sol
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    2. KasugaArata
      Gonna try, tho I get easily swayed by banners
      Feb 13, 2019
    3. SuperEndriu
      from what I know he is great before kaigan, but kaigan makes him less unique and actually worth whaling for. Check Malign's vid on youtubne
      Feb 14, 2019
    4. KasugaArata
      Hmm makes sense, well I can just save and used the on either a 9 stem SSM, Magna or Collab
      I'm pretty set with units atm
      Feb 15, 2019
  13. Lev
    Waiting for my impending doom in Sacred Stones
    1. nickjr likes this.
  14. Lev
    Math exams...
  15. SuperEndriu
    got Dark Tyrfing for free today - a day after Zain ate up all my light shards
  16. Fury.
    JUST GOT MINERVA @_@ !!!
    1. nickjr likes this.
  17. Fury.
    First season PvP is here ! Get on with it for lots of free gems and other goodies !
  18. SuperEndriu
    Whats up with the free brides and bridegrooms - Got Lucretia today - finally jb3 unlocked
  19. SuperEndriu
    out of all possible 5* units I got Fraise from the free pull - tough luck
    1. nickjr likes this.
    2. 1CC
      Better than Chloe, HC these days are just a walking punching bag nowadays.
      Dec 12, 2018
      nickjr and SuperEndriu like this.
  20. Fury.
    Season of PvP is over, finished 56th (so close to top 50, RIP).
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